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Diplomacy and Dogmatism

Bernadino de Mendoza and the French Catholic Leaugue

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Publication Date: 01/01/1964

322 pages


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  • I. The Wars Of Religion In France
    • End of the Hapsburg-Valois Wars
    • Europe on the Eve of the Religious Wars
    • Calvinism and its Foes in France
    • Beginning of the Religious Wars
    • Huguenot Political Thought
  • II. Foundations Of The Catholic League
    • The Politiques
    • The League of Péronne
    • Formation of the New Catholic League
    • Political Theory of the League
    • The League and Spain: Treaty of Joinville
  • III. Mendoza And France
    • Mendoza’s Diplomatic Mission to France
    • Mendoza’s Background
    • Opening the Paris Embassy
    • Testing the League
  • IV. Mendoza And Guise
    • Tempering the Spanish-League Alliance
    • Overtures to Navarre
    • Mendoza, Guise, and the Scottish Catholics
    • Mendoza and the Queen of Scots
    • The Alliance Strengthened by Ordeal
  • V. Diplomatic Procedure, I: Gathering Data
    • Mendoza and his Staff
    • Friends and Enemies at Court
    • Mendoza’s Intelligence System
    • Contacts with the League and the Jesuits
  • VI. Diplomatic Procedure, II: Communication
    • Mendoza’s Dispatches
    • Post and Courier
    • Diplomatic Ciphers
    • Embassy Finances
  • VII. The Revolt Begins
    • Uneasy Peace
    • Strategic Occupation
    • The Day of the Barricades
    • Persona non Grata
    • The Edict of Union
  • VIII. Triumph Of The League
    • Mendoza and the Armada
    • Aftermath of the Armada
    • The Estates General of Blois
    • “The King of Paris is Dead”
  • IX. Mendoza Leads The Paris League
    • Salvage of the Sainte Union
    • Catholic Reaction to Blois
    • The League Governs France
    • Mendoza and Mayenne
    • Mendoza’s Recall
    • From Tours to Saint-Cloud
  • X. The Struggle For A Throne
    • Navarre and the Catholic Nobles
    • Mendoza Resumes Direction of the Paris League
    • Crucial Negotiations
    • The Spanish Triumvirate and the Papal Legate
    • Charles X versus Henry IV: The League Schism Widens
    • Siege and Famine in Paris
    • Spanish Arms and Aims in France
  • XI. Collapse Of The League
    • Mendoza’s Retirement and Later Life
    • “Paris is Worth a Mass”
    • End of the League and of the Religious Wars
    • Conclusions
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography
  • Notes
  • Index

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