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The Human Measure

Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition

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Publication Date: 08/01/1990

358 pages


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  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction: The Idea of Nomos
    • Nature and Law
    • Natural Science and Social Science
  • 2. Greek Roots
    • The Awakening of Psyche
    • From Mythos to Nomos
    • Nomos and the Polis
    • Nomos and Physis
    • Sophism
    • Man the Measure
  • 3. Roman Foundations
    • From Fas to Ius
    • Ius Civile
    • Interpretatio Romana
    • Legal Science
    • Gaius Noster
  • 4. Byzantine Canon
    • Corpus Juris Civilis
    • True Philosophy
    • Ius Gentium
    • The Romano-Byzantine Legacy
  • 5. Christian Tradition
    • From Nomos to Logos
    • Christonomos
    • Ecclesia sub Lege Romana
    • Two Natures, Two Laws
    • Ius Canonicum
  • 6. Germanic Intrusions
    • Consuetudo
    • Barbarian Law
    • Feudal Law
    • Customary Law
    • The Theory of Custom
  • 7. Medieval Reconstruction
    • Twelfth-Century Revival
    • Civil Science
    • Canonic Science
    • The New Ius Gentium
  • 8. Jurisprudence Italian Style
    • Mos Italicus
    • The Interpretation of Law
    • Ratio Iuris
    • Usus Modernus
    • Civil Humanism
  • 9. Tradition and Reform
    • Theological Jurisprudence
    • Canon Law in the World
    • Conciliarism and Reform
    • The Bondage of Law
  • 10. English Developments: The Common Law
    • La Commune Ley
    • Second Nature
    • The Law of Laws
    • Pure and Tried Reason
    • Beyond the Common Law
  • 11. Jurisprudence in the French Manner
    • Mos Gallicus
    • The World of Nations
    • Systematic Jurisprudence
    • Coutume and Coutumier
    • The Spirit of French Law
  • 12. The Philosophical School
    • The Search for Method
    • Perfect Jurisprudence
    • The Spirit of the Law
    • The Problem of Codification
    • The Death and Rebirth of Nomos
  • 13. The Historical School
    • Historical Jurisprudence
    • The New Science
    • Juristic Anthropology
    • Historische Rechtsschule
    • Law and the Social Question
  • 14. From Civil Science to the Human Sciences
    • Law Transcended by Philosophy
    • Law Subverted by Economics
    • Law Surpassed by Anthropology
    • Law Overpowered by Sociology
  • 15. Conclusion: The Legacy of Nomos
    • Social Scientism
    • The Human Measure
  • Notes
  • Index

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