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Understanding Chimpanzees

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  • Foreword [Jane Goodall]
  • Preface
  • 1. Current Fieldwork: Pan Troglodytes
    • Gombe
      • Gombe: Highlights and Current Research [Jane Goodall]
      • Chimpanzee Use of Medicinal Leaves [Richard W. Wrangham and Jane Goodall]
      • Methods for Isolating Chimpanzee Vocal Communication [Christopher Boehm]
      • The Research at Gombe: Its Influence on Human Knowledge [Roger S. Fouts]
    • Mahale Mountains
      • Research at Mahale [Toshisada Nishida]
      • Social Interactions between Resident and Immigrant Female Chimpanzees [Toshisada Nishida]
      • Sexual Behavior of Immigrant and Resident Female Chimpanzees at Mahale [Toshikazu Hasegawa]
      • Sex Differences in the Behavioral Development of Chimpanzees at Mahale [Mariko Hiraiwa-Hasegawa]
    • Additional Sites
      • Feeding Ecology of Chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest, Uganda [G. Isabirye-Basuta]
      • Recent Research on Chimpanzees in West Africa [William C. McGrew]
      • Population Dynamics of Chimpanzees at Bossou, Guinea [Yukimaru Sugiyama]
      • The Use of Stone Tools by Wild-living Chimpanzees [Adriaan Kortlandt]
      • ChimpanZoo [Jane Goodall]
  • 2. Current Fieldwork: Pan Paniscus
    • Introduction: The Fourth Ape [Frans B. M. de Waal]
    • Behavioral Contrasts between Bonobo and Chimpanzee [Frans B. M. de Waal]
    • The Sexual Behavior of Pygmy Chimpanzees [Takayoshi Kano]
    • Developmental Retardation and Behavioral Characteristics of Pygmy Chimpanzees [Suehisa Kuroda]
    • Social Organization of Pygmy Chimpanzees [Frances J. White]
  • 3. The Chimpanzee Mind
    • Are Animals Intelligent? Wolfgang Köhler’s Approach [Emil W. Menzel, Jr.]
    • Cross-fostered Chimpanzees: I. Testing Vocabulary [R. Allen Gardner and Beatrix T. Gardner]
    • Cross-fostered Chimpanzees: II. Modulation of Meaning [Beatrix T. Gardner and R. Allen Gardner]
    • Signing Interactions between Mother and Infant Chimpanzees [Deborah H. Fouts]
    • Spontaneous Pattern Construction in a Chimpanzee [Tetsuro Matsuzawa]
    • Symbol Acquisition and Use by Pan troglodytes, Pan paniscus, Homo sapiens [Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, Mary Ann Romski, William D. Hopkins, and Rose A. Sevcik]
    • Current and Future Research on Chimpanzee Intellect [Duane M. Rumbaugh]
  • 4. Chimpanzee Conservation
    • Population Status of Wild Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and Threats to Survival [Geza Teleki]
    • Demography of Chimpanzees in Captivity [Katherine Latinen]
    • Area Status Report: Tanzania [Jane Goodall]
    • Conservation Status of Pan paniscus [Richard K. Malenky, Nancy Thompson-Handler, and Randall L. Susman]
  • 5. Evolution And Epilogue
    • Hominoid Sociobiology and Hominid Social Evolution [Michael P. Ghiglieri]
    • Epilogue: Understanding Chimpanzees and Bonobos, Understanding Ourselves [Paul G. Heltne]
  • Contributors
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