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When Children Feel Pain

From Everyday Aches to Chronic Conditions

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ISBN 9780674185029

Publication Date: 08/30/2022


336 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


  • Authors’ Note
  • Introduction: Beyond Boo-Boos: The Long-term Payoffs of Addressing Short-term Pain
  • 1. How and Why Do We Feel Pain? Demystifying the Neurobiology of This Fiery Signal
  • 2. Little Kids Won’t Remember It Anyway, Right? A Look Back at the Historical Lack of Pediatric Pain Management
  • 3. Ouch! Easing the Sting of Shots
  • 4. Scars from the NICU: Even When Wounds Are Not Visible, They Can Leave Their Marks
  • 5. Surgeries, Minor Medical Procedures, and Hospital Visits: How to Prepare for These, and How Kids Remember Them
  • 6. My Tummy Hurts: Reasons and the Relief for a Classic Childhood Complaint
  • 7. When the Pain Is in Your Head: Management of Frequent Headaches—Which Should Never Be Ignored
  • 8. Too Much Pain, No Gain: The Rise of Sports Injuries—and How to Avoid Sidelining Young Athletes
  • 9. Pain as a Disease State: When the Nervous System Goes Awry—and How to Correct Course
  • 10. More than Just Medication: Multidisciplinary Treatments for Lessening Children’s Suffering
  • 11. Family Ties: The Power That Parents Have to Affect a Child’s Response to Pain
  • 12. The Invisible Burden of Pain: When Stigma and Bias Lead to Isolation and Depression, Social Support Can Help
  • Epilogue: Stopping the Cycle: Preventing Chronic Pain in the Next Generation
  • Helpful Resources
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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