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Is NAFTA Constitutional?

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Publication Date: 08/11/1995

129 pages


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  • I. The World We Have Lost
    • A. The Mythic Pedigree of the Modern Doctrine
    • B. Original Understandings
    • C. Modernity’s Tangled Pedigree
      • 1. Four Distinctions
      • 2. Executive Unilateralism
      • 3. Interbranch Collaboration
        • a. Proclamation Statutes
        • b. Ex Ante Authorizations
        • c. Ex Post Approvals
        • d. The Role of the Courts
    • D. Legislative Unilateralism
    • E. The Constitutional Consensus
  • II. The Twenties
    • A. The Great War and Its Aftermath
    • Court Decisions
      • 1. Domestic Law
      • 2. International Law
  • III. The New Deal Abroad
    • A. At Home Abroad
    • B. The Limits of the New Deal Transformation
    • C. Questioning the Ex Post Barrier
    • D. Judicial Opinions
    • E. Summing Up the New Deal
  • IV. The Great Transformation
    • A. The Triumph of Interchangeability
    • B. The Role of Legal Intellectuals
    • C. The Anatomy of a Constitutional Moment
    • D. The Proposal Phase: 1941–1943
    • E. The Triggering Election
    • F. Constitutional Solutions
  • V. The Era of Codification
    • A. Consolidation
    • B. Reclaiming the Past?
    • C. The Trade Act of 1974
  • VI. The Bigger Picture
    • A. The New Deal and the New Internationalism
      • 1. Institutional Dynamics
      • 2. Rereading the Text
      • 3. NAFTA and the EPA
    • B. Framework Statutes
  • VII. The Future Debate
    • A. The World Trade Organization
    • The Promise of Judicial Review

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