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Democracy and Classical Greece

Second Edition

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ISBN 9780674196070

Publication Date: 01/01/1993


328 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

8 halftones

United States and its dependencies only

Related Subjects

  • List of Illustrations*
  • Preface
  • Preface to Second Edition
  • I. The Sources and their Limitations
  • II. The Greek World in 478
  • III. Regional Ambitions
  • IV: The Athenian Revolution
  • V. The Athenian Empire
  • VI. Athenian Society in the Fifth Century
  • VII. The Peloponnesian War
  • VIII. Spartan Supremacy
  • IV. Social Change
  • X. Philosophers, Mercenaries and Monarchs
  • XI. Athens and Thebes after 380
  • XII. Athenian Society in the Fourth Century
  • XIII. The Opportunists
  • Date Chart
  • Primary Sources
  • Further Reading
  • Maps
  • Index
  • * Illustrations
    • Maps
      • 1. The Greek World and the Persian Empire
      • 2. The Athenian Empire
      • 3. Central Greece
      • 4. Sicily and Southern Italy
      • 5. Northern Greece and Macedonia
      • 6. South-Western Asia Minor
    • Plates
      • 1. Ploughing and sowing scenes
      • 2a. City house at Olynthos
      • 2b. Country house at Vari in Attica
      • 2c. Large house at Dema in Attica
      • 2d. Small house at Priene in Asia Minor
      • 3. The trireme of the classical period
      • 4a. Chain-mail corselet
      • 4b. Slashing sword
      • 5a. Temple of ‘Concordia’ at Acragas
      • 5b. Part of the Gortyn law-code
      • 6a. Gravestone of Hegeso, from Athens
      • 6b. Grave monuments of c. 340 from Athens
      • 7a. Portrait of an old woman
      • 7b. Portrait of Maussollos of Halicarnassus
      • 8a. The rebuilt city wall at Gela
      • 8b. Gold coin of Philip II of Macedon

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