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Democracy and Poetry

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ISBN 9780674196261

Publication Date: 01/01/1976


94 pages


A brilliant distillation of a long lifetime’s research on the relation of art and the social climate… Democracy and Poetry ponders on ‘what Saint Augustine meant when he said that he was a question to himself.’ The question applies to us all, and so too does Mr. Warren’s answer: that each of us must become, by employing those strategies he calls poetry, not the victims but the makers of our history.—Anatole Broyard, The New York Times

‘We are driving,’ observes Warren, ‘toward the destruction of the very assumption on which our nation is founded.’ His use of American literature to buttress this charge creates an inspired mini-anthology. By the book’s close, Warren’s defense of art becomes an antidote to the despondency he professes. Amid all the euphoria of the Bicentennial, this small volume concludes with a sharp, and, in the deepest sense, patriotic note.—Paul Gray, Time

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