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Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand and Other Animals of the Mesozoic Era

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$89.00 • £71.95 • €80.00

ISBN 9780674207677

Publication Date: 10/15/1998


192 pages

117 color halftones, 17 b&w halftones, 30 color line illustrations, 228 b&w line illustrations, 21 maps & charts

North America only

John Long’s book is a definitive, up-to-date account of all dinosaurs known from Australia and New Zealand. In fact, Long surveys the entire record of Mesozoic tetrapods—with amphibians, birds, mammals, turtles and marine reptiles all given pride of place along with Minmi, Muttaburrasaurus and many less familiar stablemates. Long’s attractive and enjoyable book should satisfy a wide audience—schoolkids, science teachers, fossil buffs, and even professional palaeontologists. The most important fossils are illustrated with colour photographs and drawings of the bones; most species are reconstructed with line drawings or paintings, with a number of field photographs and historical accounts of discoveries. Introductory chapters explain geological time, how fossils are found, prepared and reconstructed, as well as basics about dinosaurs (their evolution, classification and theories about their extinction). A glossary helps the layreader understand even the more technical parts of the text, and the bibliography cites all scientific publications on Australasian Mesozoic tetrapods.—Greg Edgecombe, Nature

This is the first full account of dinosaurs and other ancient Anzac vertebrates. Long, an Australian paleontologist, spices his serious account of such issues as the relation between birds and dinosaurs and when the reptiles began their rise, with a large number of colourful illustrations.—Jonathan Bordo, The Globe and Mail

Well-written, informative, and well-illustrated, Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand compiles and conveys a large body of information about the fascinating animals of the Australian Mesozoic.Cryptozoology Review

A fascinating glimpse of animals that may provide missing pieces to the dinosaur puzzle.—Eugene S. Gaffney, American Museum of Natural History

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