Cover: Drumbeats, Masks, and Metaphor in HARDCOVER

Drumbeats, Masks, and Metaphor

Contemporary Afro-American Theatre

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ISBN 9780674216785

Publication Date: 11/29/1983


304 pages

12 halftones


  • Introduction
  • 1. The Historical Precedent
    • Theatre and the Black Community
    • The Pitfalls of Integration
    • Creating a Community Theatre
    • Black Fire
    • The Theoretical Foundations of New Black Theatre
  • 2. The Militant Theatre
    • LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka: An Iconoclastic Theatre
    • Jones/Baraka: A Revolutionary Theatre
    • Poems like Fists
    • Allegory, Jazz, and Race Relations
    • Victims, Traitors, and Rebels
    • Rituals of Vengeance
    • Ideologies of Nationalism and Revolution
    • Model Punishments and Imaginary Games
    • Revolutionary Theatre and Promethean Consciousness
  • 3. The Theatre of Experience
    • Metaphors in the Titles of Plays
    • Race Relations
    • The Family and the Community
    • Heroes and Rituals of the Street
    • J. F. Gaines and Melvin van Peebles: Humor and Play
    • Ed Bullins: The Language of the Blues
    • Edgar White: The Odyssey of the Picaro
    • Paul Carter Harrison: For a Neo-African Theatre
  • 4. Theatre and Culture
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Index

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