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Dyslexia and Development

Neuro-Biological Aspects of Extra-Ordinary Brains

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  • Foreword [Lluis Barraquer-Bordas]
  • Preface [Albert M. Galaburda]
  • 1. Regressive Events in Early Cortical Maturation: Their Significance for the Outcome of Early Brain Damage [Barbara L. Finlay and Brad Miller]
  • 2. Androgens and Brain Development: Possible Contributions to Developmental Dyslexia [Darcy B. Kelley]
  • 3. Peptidergic Neurons in the Hypothalamus: A Model for Morphological and Functional Remodeling [Damaso Crespo]
  • 4. Pathogenesis of Late-Acquired Leptomeningeal Heterotopias and Secondary Cortical Alterations: A Golgi Study [Miguel Marín-Padilla]
  • 5. Dyslexia and Brain Pathology: Experimental Animal Models [Glenn D. Rosen, Gordon F. Sherman, and Albert M. Galaburda]
  • 6. Anatomical and Functional Aspects of an Experimental Visual Microcortex That Resembles Human Microgyria [Giorgio M. Innocenti, Pere Berbel, and Frederic Assal]
  • 7. Functional Brain Asymmetry, Dyslexia, and Immune Disorders [Kenneth Hugdahl]
  • 8. Fetal Exposure to Maternal Brain Antibodies and Neurological Handicap [Matteo Adinolfi]
  • 9. Hormones and Cerebral Organization: Implications for the Development and Transmission of Language and Learning Disabilities [Paula Tallal and Roslyn Holly Fitch]
  • 10. Genes and Genders: A Twin Study of Reading Disability [J. C. DeFries, Jacquelyn J. Gillis, and Sally J. Wadsworth]
  • 11. Neurological Arguments for a Joint Developmental Dysphasia-Dyslexia Syndrome [Charles Njiokiktjien]
  • 12. Parallel Processing in the Visual System and the Brain: Is One Subsystem Selectively Affected in Dyslexia? [Margaret Livingstone]
  • 13. The Neurobiology of Learning Disabilities: Potential Contributions from Magnetic Resonance Imagine [Verne S. Caviness, Jr., Pauline A. Filipek, and David N. Kennedy]
  • 14. Studies of Handedness and Anomalous Dominance: Problems and Progress [Steven C. Schachter]
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index

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