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Early Greece

Second Edition

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  • List of Plates*
  • Preface to First Edition (1980)
  • Preface to Second Edition (1993)
  • I. Myth, History and Archeology
  • II. Sources
  • III. The End of the Dark Age: The Aristocracy
  • IV. The End of the Dark Age: The Community
  • V. Euboean Society and Trade
  • VI. The Orientalizing Period
  • VII. Colonization
  • VIII. Warfare and New Morality
  • IX. Tyranny
  • X. Sparta and the Hoplite State
  • XI. Athens and Social Justice
  • XII. Life Styles: The Aristocracy
  • XIII. Life Styles: The Economy
  • XIV. The Coming of the Persians
  • XV. The Leadership of Greece: Sparta and Athens
  • XVI. The Great Persian War
  • Maps
  • Date Chart
  • Primary Sources
  • Further Reading
  • General Index
  • * Plates
    • 1. Trade and warfare
      • a. The site of Pithecusae (Ischia)
      • b. Bronze armour from the Warrior Grave at Argos
      • c. Corinthian helmet of Miltiades
    • 2. Commemorative pottery
      • a. Panathenaic prize vase
      • b. Geometric funerary vase from Athens
    • 3. Miniature sculpture
      • a. Ivory Astarte figure from Athens
      • b. Images of Sparta: the warrior
      • c. Images of Sparta: the woman
    • 4. Rituals
      • a. The sacrifice
      • b. The symposion
    • 5. Writing and the law
      • a. Constitutional law from Chios
      • b. Attempts to ostracize Themistokles
    • 6. The international aristocracy
      • a. Arkesilas of Cyrene supervising trade
      • b. Miltiades kalos
    • 7. Monumental sculpture
      • a. Korē by Antenor
      • b. King Darius in audience, Persepolis Treasury
    • 8. The wealth of the west
      • a. Victory coin of Syracuse, 479 BC
      • b. Temple of Athena, Paestum

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