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Ecology and Evolution of Communities

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Publication Date: 01/01/1975


560 pages

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  • Introduction [Martin L. Cody and Jared M. Diamond]
  • Bibliography of Robert MacArthur
  • I. The Evolution of Species Abundance and Diversity
    • 1. Evolution in Communities Near Equilibrium [Richard Levins]
    • 2. Population Fluctuations, Community Stability, and Environmental Variability [Egbert G. Leigh, Jr.]
    • 3. Environmental Fluctuations and Species Diversity [John W. MacArthur]
    • 4. Patterns of Species Abundance and Diversity [Robert M. May]
    • 5. On Continental Steady States of Species Diversity [Michael L. Rosenzweig]
  • II. Competitive Strategies of Resource Allocation
    • 6. Selection for Optimal Life Histories in Plants [William M. Schaffer and Madhav D. Gadgil]
    • 7. Prey Characteristics and Predator Niche Width [Henry A. Hespenheide]
    • 8. The Temporal Component of Butterfly Species Diversity [Arthur M. Shapiro]
    • 9. Markovian Processes of Forest Succession [Henry S. Horn]
  • III. Community Structure
    • 10. Towards a Theory of Continental Species Diversities [Martin L. Cody]
    • 11. Ecomorphological Configurations and Convergent Evolution [James R. Karr and Frances C. James]
    • 12. Niche Relations of Desert Lizards [Eric R. Pianka]
    • 13. Geographical Ecology of Desert Rodents [James H. Brown]
    • 14. Assembly of Species Communities [Jared M. Diamond]
    • 15. Structure of Stream Communities [Ruth Patrick]
    • 16. Some Mechanisms Producing Structure in Natural Communities [Joseph H. Connell]
  • IV. Outlook
    • 17. Variations on a Theme by Robert MacArthur [G. Evelyn Hutchinson]
    • 18. Applied Biogeography [Edward O. Wilson and Edwin O. Willis]
  • Index
  • Contributors

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