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Harvard East Asian Monographs 420

Becoming Taiwanese

Ethnogenesis in a Colonial City, 1880s to 1950s

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ISBN 9780674237209

Publication Date: 04/16/2019


426 pages

6 x 9 inches

25 photos, 3 illus., 7 maps, 4 tables

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Aims to cast a more critical eye on oft-neglected parts of Taiwan’s history… Becoming Taiwanese provides some unexpectedly of-the-moment insights into Taiwan’s present.—Davina Tham, Taipei Times

Cuts through the morass of ideological stances that have essentialized aspects of Taiwanese history, culture, and demography in order to bolster assertions for political separation from China… Merits full attention from scholars of East Asia, empires, migration, and ethnicity.—Madeline Y. Hsu, China Review International

Challenges what we know about and how we understand what it means to be Taiwanese… A refreshing perspective on historical and contemporary Taiwanese identity.—Tim Riswick, Journal of Taiwan Studies

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