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Harvard East Asian Monographs 421

The Worship of Confucius in Japan

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Publication Date: 02/04/2020


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A major contribution to understandings of Japanese political and cultural history as mediated by ritual and forms of apparent religiosity related to Confucius and company… Future sekiten studies will certainly have strong shoulders on which to stand.—John A. Tucker, Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Scholars of Japanese history have been looking forward to James McMullen’s book on the worship of Confucius in Japan for a long time… By far the most comprehensive study of sekiten in Japan in any language. It is a must-read for teachers and students of Japan–China studies, Japanese Confucianism, and Sinosphere studies… This is a great work.—Benjamin Wai-ming Ng, Journal of Japanese Studies

Rigorously researched and enriched by a useful set of appendixes, this volume is an indispensable tool for a better understanding of Confucianism in Japanese cultural history and its enduring influence in the present despite the lack of institutional developments. It is warmly recommended to established specialists and students of East Asian religions.—Ugo Dessì, Religious Studies Review

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