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A Path Twice Traveled

My Journey as a Historian of China

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ISBN 9780674237292

Publication Date: 01/01/2019


316 pages

6 x 9 inches

36 photos

Harvard University Asia Center


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  • List of Figures*
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • 1. Beginnings
  • 2. Wang Tao: The Problem of Change in the Late Qing
  • 3. The Next Step: Discovering History in China
  • 4. Discovering History in China: The Backstory
  • 5. Limits of the China-Centered Approach
  • 6. A Multiplicity of Pasts: History in Three Keys
  • 7. History in Three Keys: Research, Writing, and Publishing History
  • 8. From the Boxers to King Goujian: Surprise Developments
  • 9. The Problem of Insideness versus Outsideness: Speaking to History
  • 10. The Power of Story: History and Popular Memory
  • 11. Then and Now: The Two Histories
  • Appendix: Author’s Publications
  • Notes
  • Index
  • * Figures
    • Intro.1. The author as a boy
    • 1.1. Fairbank in front of his longtime home in Cambridge
    • 1.2. Benjamin Schwartz
    • 1.3. Fairbank teaching in his Widener Library study
    • 1.4. John Israel and Lloyd Eastman, two fellow graduate students at Harvard, enjoying themselves in a Taiwan restaurant, 1961
    • 1.5. My daughter Joanna in a pedicab, which took her to and from nursery school (Taipei, 1961)
    • 1.6. With friend singing in a Taiwan restaurant, 1961
    • 1.7. With Jonathan Mirsky performing in Chinese play, Taipei, 1961
    • 2.1. Wang Tao
    • 3.1. Philip Kuhn
    • 4.1. With Lin Tongqi
    • 6.1. The Battle of Tianjin
    • 7.1. With Wang Xi, Shanghai, November 2003
    • 7.2. Giving a talk in Shanghai, November 2003
    • 7.3. With Lu Yao in Ji’nan, October 2011
    • 7.4. Boxers setting fire to a church
    • 7.5. Boxer leader Cao Futian in the Battle of Tianjin
    • 8.1. Yang Jiachang, “The busy men of May”
    • 8.2. The pain of national humiliation
    • 8.3. Shameless Chinese submit to foreigners, July 1900
    • 8.4. Me and Leo Lee clowning around in a Hong Kong restaurant
    • 8.5. With Jeff Wasserstrom and Ian Johnson at breakfast in a Hong Kong hotel (November 2017)
    • 9.1. Goujian sampling Fuchai’s stool
    • 9.2. Graphic depiction of “sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall”
    • 9.3. Advertisement for Golden Dragon (Jinlong) cigarettes
    • 9.4. Illustrated chart of national humiliation
    • 9.5. Banner at Houshan Scenic Area entrance announcing the added attraction created by the set from the TV film Yue wang Goujian, Shaoxing
    • 9.6. Wall painting of Goujian at King of Yue Temple (Yue wang dian), Shaoxing
    • 10.1. With Chris Munn in the University of Hong Kong Senior Common Room (November 2017)
    • 10.2. Drawing of Petar Petrović Njegoš (1813–51), artist unknown
    • 10.3. Joan of Arc in full armor astride her horse, engraving by Léonard Gaultier (1612)
    • 11.1. With my four children at the ninetieth birthday party of my sister Barbara in New York City (September 2017)

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