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Empire and Righteous Nation

600 Years of China-Korea Relations

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The Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures


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Valuable and wide-ranging… As two thousand years of history have shown, China’s role in Korea is a complex one. Westad’s short and stimulating study provides many clues to understanding that relationship.—J. E. Hoare, Literary Review

The relationship between China and Korea is one of the most important, and least understood, in Asia. With the wisdom and clarity we have come to expect from Westad, this book illuminates the long history of these two neighbors. He tells a story both of closeness brought about by Confucianism and Communism and of prickliness that comes from two fierce and rival nationalisms, providing compelling insights on the future of this volatile partnership.—Rana Mitter, author of China’s Good War

In this incisive and engaging overview, Westad offers a new framework for understanding China and Korea that weaves their interconnected histories together in a concise, thoughtful way. The themes of ‘empire’ and ‘righteous nation’ offer some excellent insights into both the differences between the two countries and their long, complex relationship.—Gregg Brazinsky, author of Nation Building in South Korea

Westad offers a sweeping historical overview of what is arguably the most important relationship in Asia today, that between China and the Korean Peninsula. How that relationship is managed and plays out in the coming years is central to questions of national and regional interests as well as to global issues of war and peace. Unique in its broad perspective and engagingly written, this is a timely must-read primer on the China–Korea relationship in its longue durée and its impact on and implications for our world today.—Carter J. Eckert, author of Park Chung Hee and Modern Korea

A smart and engaging work, with a provocative, sweeping narrative that is a pleasure to read. Anyone interested in Sino–Korean relations and the current standoff on the peninsula would be well advised to start with this book.—Andre Schmid, author of Korea Between Empires, 1895–1919

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