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Reason in Nature

New Essays on Themes from John McDowell

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Publication Date: 12/06/2022


392 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction [Matthew Boyle and Evgenia Mylonaki]
  • I. Nature and “Second Nature”
    • 1. Skepticism and Quietism about Meaning and Normativity [Hannah Ginsborg]
    • 2. Forms of Nature: “First,” “Second,” “Living,” “Rational,” and “Phronetic” [Michael Thompson]
  • II. Reason in Perception and Action
    • 3. The Rational Role of Perceptual Content [Matthew Boyle]
    • 4. Resolute Disjunctivism [James Conant]
    • 5. Control and Knowledge in Action: Developing Some Themes from McDowell [Markos Valaris]
    • 6. Naturalism in the Philosophy of Action [Jennifer Hornsby]
  • III. Consequences for Metaphysics
    • 7. Perceiving the World [Sebastian Rödl]
    • 8. Seeing the World: Moral Difficulty and Drama [Evgenia Mylonaki]
  • IV. Historical Precedents
    • 9. See the Right Thing: “Paternal” Reason, Love, and Phronêsis [Jennifer Whiting]
    • 10. Self-Consciousness and the Idea of Bildung: Hegel’s Radicalization of Kant [Andrea Kern]
    • 11. The Idealism in German Idealism [Robert Pippin]
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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