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Power after Carbon

Building a Clean, Resilient Grid

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ISBN 9780674241077

Publication Date: 05/19/2020

Academic Trade

456 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

3 photos, 26 illus., 7 tables


  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • I. The Need for Power and the Grids That Deliver It
    • 1. Les Jeux Sont Faits
      • Leapfrogging and Euthanasia
      • Beyond Decarbonization
    • 2. The Future Is Electric
      • Deconstructing Electricity Growth
      • Long-Term Efficiency Trends
      • Enter Carbon
      • The AI Wild Card
      • Electricity’s Third Act
    • 3. La Vida Local
      • Solar in the City, 2016
      • Solar in the City, 2050
      • Local Power versus the Grid, 2050
    • 4. Why We Grid
      • The Case for Big
      • Aggregation and Trading
      • Grids and Geographic Diversity
      • Not Quite Case Closed
    • 5. The Fragmented Future
      • How to Damage a Grid, Part 1: Summon Poseidon
      • Grid Vulnerabilities and the Climate
      • Grid Coping Skills
      • The Microgrid Revolution
      • How to Damage a Grid, Part 2: Hire a Hacker
      • New Architectural Paradigms
      • The Fragmented Future
  • II. The Grid and Its Challenges
    • 6. Decarbonizing the Big Grid
      • The Old Design Paradigm
      • The New Paradigm
      • The Clean Power Toolkit
      • From Lab Bench to Toolkit
      • From Toolkit to Reality
    • 7. Not in My Backyard-State-Region
      • Planning the No-Carbon Future
      • Not in My Backyard
      • Searching for Supergrids
      • The Future of Grid Expansion
    • 8. The Big Grid Bucks Stop Here
      • A Power Plant’s Early Retirement Package
      • Power Markets and Plant Financing in a Carbon-Free Future
      • Pros, Cons, and Trade-Offs in Long-Term Markets
      • Fixing the Long-Term Markets
      • The Big Grid’s Future
  • III. Running and Regulating Post-Carbon Utilities
    • 9. The New Utility Business in Three Dimensions
      • The Business Model Rainbow
      • Public Power and Cooperatives
      • New Products and Horizons
      • Toward Customer Love
    • 10. The Really Smart Grid
      • The Prosumer ESCO Marketplace
      • Market Optimum and Public Interest
      • Grid Pricing and “Optimizing” the System
      • Retail Choice’s Next Act
      • Machine over Market
    • 11. Governing a Really Smart Grid
      • Setting Regulation’s Goals
      • Pricing Grid Services
      • The Problem of Fixed Costs
      • Planning and Building the Distribution System
      • Of Elegance and Complexity
    • 12. The Business and Regulation of Energy Service Utilities
      • The Case for ESUs
      • Changing Utilities’ Cultural Stripes
      • Regulating an ESU
      • Cross-Subsidies and the Space for Political Bargains
    • 13. Forces and Fault Lines beyond the Industry
      • Big Tech and Monopoly Power
      • Privacy and the Smart Grid
      • Energy Democracy
      • Political Fault Lines
    • 14. Money Talks
      • Wall Street and New Business Models
    • 15. Power without Carbon
  • Appendix A: Summary of Policy Recommendations
  • Appendix B: The Challenges to Energy Spot Markets with Increased Wind and Solar Generation
  • Appendix C: Source Notes for Figure 2-2
  • Appendix D: Supplement to Table 6-1
  • Notes
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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