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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 38: 2018

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  • Preface [Celeste Andrews, Heather Newton, Shannon Parker, and Elizabeth Gipson]
  • Iceberg Tip or Floating Island? The Harlaw Brosnachadh Revisited (2018 J. V. Kelleher Lecture) [William Gillies]
  • Good Time(s), Bad Time(s): Myth and Metaphysics in Some Medieval Literature? [Aled Llion Jones, Colloquium Keynote Speaker]
  • Contemporary Poetry in Llyfr Coch Hergest: Canu Dychan and Its Manuscript Context [Myra Booth-Cockcroft]
  • All about the Glove: Patronage, Material Culture, and the Affective Text in Dafydd ap Gwilym’s Diolch am Fenig [Liam A. Brannelly]
  • “Quos edocetis fastos?” The Hisperica Famina as Productive Reading Guide [Lisabeth C. Buchelt]
  • Dom Yann Derrien’s Journey to “Sant Jakez an Turki”: European Pilgrimages in Breton Ballads [Éva Guillorel]
  • William Rooney: The Celtic Literary Society and the Gaelic League? [Brian Ó Conchubhair]
  • The Annals of Ulster and Anglo-Saxon Kingship: A Preliminary Discourse [Calum Platts]
  • Failed Ritualized Feasts and the Limitations of Community in Branwen ferch Lŷr [Melissa Ridley Elmes]
  • Beards and Barbarians: Marginal Illustrations in Gerald of Wales’ Topographia Hibernica [Fabienne Schwizer]
  • The Story of Mog Ruith: Perceptions of the Local Myth in Seventeenth-Century Ireland [Tatiana Shingurova]
  • Lands That Time Forgot: The Early Cistercian Settlement of Monasternenagh, Co. Limerick [Catherine Swift]
  • Is Iceland Hell? Realism and Reality in the Navigatio sancti Brendani [Nicholas Thyr]
  • Abstracts of Other Papers Read at the Thirty-eighth Harvard Celtic Colloquium

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