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Mizan Series 2

Muslims and US Politics Today

A Defining Moment

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Related Subjects

  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction [Mohammad Hassan Khalil]
  • I. Muslims and the American State
    • 1. Religion–State Relations and the Politics of Religious Freedom in Muslim America [Kambiz GhaneaBassiri]
    • 2. Muslims and the American Constitution: From the First Amendment to the Second? [Mucahit Bilici]
    • 3. Blood Sacrifice and the Myth of the Fallen Muslim Soldier in U.S. Presidential Elections after 9/11 [Edward E. Curtis IV]
  • II. Anti-Muslim Politics
    • 4. Muslim Presence: Anti-Muslim Politics in the U.S. and the Rise of Muslim American Culture [Salah D. Hassan]
    • 5. Real Time with Bill Maher and the Good Muslims of Liberal Multiculturalism [Evelyn Alsultany]
    • 6. Muslim Women, Anti-Muslim Hostility, and the State in the Age of Terror [Juliane Hammer]
  • III. Marginalization and Activism
    • 7. Muslim Detroit after Orlando: The LGBTQ Question, Rituals of Inclusion, and Coalition Building across Racial and Religious Lines [Alisa Perkins]
    • 8. Rights versus Respectability: The Politics of Muslim Visibility in Detroit’s Northern Suburbs [Sally Howell]
    • 9. Politics, Immigration, and Ethnic Mobilization: The Predicament of Iranian Immigrants in the United States since the Iranian Revolution [Mohsen Mostafavi Mobasher]
  • IV. Rethinking Muslim Politics
    • 10. Drawing Near to God’s Pleasure: A Dialogue on the Black Muslim Political Tradition and the Moral–Ethical Imperative of American Islam [Donna Auston and Sylvia Chan-Malik]
    • 11. The Idea of a Global Muslim Left [Junaid Rana]

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