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A Historical Atlas

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ISBN 9780674242357

Publication Date: 10/06/2020


224 pages

8-1/2 x 11 inches

121 color maps, 18 illus.

Belknap Press


  • Introduction
  • In the Beginning
    • Israel: The Crucible of Christianity
    • A Turbulent Province: Roman Judaea
    • Jerusalem: The Focus of Christianity
    • The Ministry of Jesus and Holy Land Sites
    • The Age of the Apostles: St Paul’s Journeys
    • The Early Christian Church to 200 CE
    • The Christianization of the Empire
    • Early Christian Sects
    • The Council of Chalcedon, 451 CE
    • The Fall of the Empire in the West
    • Creeds and Controversies
    • The Consolidation of Christianity to 600 CE
    • Ireland: Churchmen and Scholars
    • The Empire under Justinian, 527–565
    • Nestorianism, the Church of the East
    • The Emergence of Islam
    • The Christian World c. 700–1000
  • Christianity in the Middle Ages
    • The Spread of Christianity in Europe
    • Eastern Christianity and Iconoclasticism
    • Carolingians and the “Holy Roman Empire”
    • The Missions of Saints Cyril and Methodius
    • Christendom and the “Barbarians”
    • The Rise of the Papal States
    • Ottonian Germany and Conflict with the Pope
    • The Development of the Monastic Orders
    • The Formalization of Christian Architecture
    • The Great Schism of 1054
    • The Rise of the University
    • The Christian Call to Arms
    • The First Crusade and Siege of Jerusalem
    • The Second and Third Crusades
    • The Apogee of Papal Power
    • The Fourth Crusade: Siege of Constantinople
    • The Latin East
    • The Crusader States and Military Orders
    • The Final Crusades
    • The Mongol Invasions
    • The Fall of Kievan Rus
    • The End of the Crusader States
    • Christian Pilgrimage in the Later Middle Ages
    • The Christianization of the Baltic
    • Medieval Heresies
    • Monasteries in Russia, 1200–1500
    • The Western Schism, 1378–1417
    • The Hussite Crusade
    • The Fall of Byzantium, 1453
    • Renaissance Humanism in Europe
    • The Rise of Printing
    • Islamic Spain and the Reconquista
    • East African Christianity
    • The Consolidation of Christian Russia
  • The Age of Reform, 1500–1800
    • Catholicism in the New World
    • Catholic Missions in the Old World
    • The Protestant Reformation
    • The Second Reformation: Calvinism
    • Wars of Religion in the Holy Roman Empire
    • The Papal States and the Holy League
    • The Dutch Revolt
    • The French Wars of Religion
    • The Counter Reformation, 1545–1731
    • The Thirty Years’ War, 1618–48
    • Puritanism in England and North America
    • Missionary States in South America
    • Christianity and Islam in Africa
    • Radical Settlers in North America
    • Pietism, Methodism and the Evangelical Revival
    • Protestant Missions in the Age of Slavery
    • Catholic Missions in California
  • Christianity in the Modern World, 1800–2020
    • Christianity in the Age of Revolution
    • Europe in the Nineteenth Century
    • Religion in the American Revolution, 1757–87
    • Christianity and the Enslaved Peoples
    • Religious Innovation in Nineteenth-Century America
    • Southern Africa
    • China and the Missionaries to 1945
    • Indian and the Missionaries to 1947
    • Christianity in Modern Africa
    • Pentecostalism: A Global Faith
    • Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism in America
    • Worldwide Evangelicalism
    • Christianity in Communist Europe
    • The Rise of Protestantism in Latin America
    • Christian Persecution in the Middle East
    • China and Korea since 1949
    • South Asia from 1947
    • Christian Growth and Decline
    • Christianity in the Contemporary World
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • List of Maps
  • Acknowledgments

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