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Harvard East Asian Monographs 430

Chinese Ways of Seeing and Open-Air Painting

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  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    • Optical Vision and the Ocular Turn
    • Rethinking Modern Chinese Art
    • Materials, Methodology, and Chapter Summary
  • 1. Open-Air Painting and the Modern Chinese Painter
    • “Sketching from Life” and Western-Style Painting
    • Scientizing Vision in China
    • The Rise of Open-Air Painting
    • Sketching the Homeland
  • 2. Optical Vision and New Modes of Depiction
    • Qujing: View-Taking
    • Goutu: Composition
    • Toushi: Perspective
    • Shidian (Viewpoint) and Dipingxian (Horizon)
    • Guohua through the Optical Eye
    • Seeing Monumental Landscape at Mount Huang
    • Western-Style Painting and West Lake
  • 3. Inventing Tradition through Open-Air Painting
    • Hu Peiheng and “Open-Air Painting in the Traditional Way”
    • Yu Jianhua and “Open-Air Painting in the Guohua Way”
    • Linear Perspective and “Sight” in Guohua Painting
    • Cun Models and the Prioritization of Perception
  • 4. Open-Air Painting during the War
    • Guan Shanyue’s Early Paintings and the Pursuit of Immediacy
    • The 1940 Guilin Exhibition and Debates on Wartime Art
    • Ten Thousand Miles of the Li River and Masculine Majesty
    • Heroism and the Northwestern Borderland
    • The Land of Production
  • 5. Views of the Party-State
    • Open-Air Painting in the New China
    • Industrial Construction as Socialist Landscape
    • The Poetic Turn
    • New Look of Mountains and Streams
    • Beyond the State’s View
  • Epilogue
    • Total Art: Perception as Critical Thinking
    • The Rise of Bases for Open-Air Painting and the Ossified View
  • Notes
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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