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Ilex Series 22

Methodists and Muslims

My Life as an Orientalist

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ISBN 9780674244672

Publication Date: 07/14/2020


194 pages

6 x 9 inches

4 color photos

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction: Methodists and Muslims
  • I. Before Arabic
    • Before Arabic
    • My Father’s Dream
    • Bulliet Is a Peculiar Name
    • Creativity
  • II. Ways Forward
    • Ways Forward
    • My Grandfather’s Library
    • A Harvard Education
    • Art and Romance
    • Going There
    • I Write a Novel
  • III. Things Happen
    • Things Happen
    • Changing Sides of the Desk at Harvard
    • Coming to Columbia
    • The Middle East Studies Association
    • A Columbia Education
    • Iran 1: The Tomb of the Twelfth Imam
    • Iran 2: Islam in Ashkelon
    • Iran 3: Islam in Honolulu
    • The Gulf Scenario
    • Bernard Lewis and Television
    • CBS and Censorship
  • IV. Moving On
    • Moving On
    • Comic Books
    • Computers and Encyclopedias
    • Iran 4: Khatami’s Dialogue of Civilizations
    • From Orientalist to Historian
    • Y2K: The Old Millennium Ends
    • 9/11: The New Millennium Begins
    • Iran 5: Ahmadinejad at Columbia
  • V. Conclusions
    • Conclusions
    • Methodism and Islam
    • American Orientalism after 9/11

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