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Russia in the Age of Climate Change

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Publication Date: 10/27/2021

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336 pages

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Thane Gustafson has published two seminal works on Russia’s oil and gas industry in the past decade. His latest, Klimat, addresses its byproduct, climate change… Extreme weather events, including severe droughts and wildfires, are now much more frequent than when Putin ascended to power. Yet Russia’s economy, and Putin’s own power, are tied overwhelmingly to the prodigious production and export of fossil fuels.—Liam Denning, Bloomberg

In his lively, informative, and extremely timely analysis of climate change and its effects on Russia, [Gustafson] stresses repeatedly that while being one of the main culprits responsible for global climate change, the country is also destined to eventually become one of its main victims.—Vitali Vitaliev, E&T

Thoroughly researched… It speculates on what might become of Russia’s finances as demand for its all-important energy exports falls.—William Powell, Natural Gas World

This is not an optimistic book… Russia is between a rock and a hard place, like much of the rest of the world perhaps, but Russia has less policy scope than the US, say, to cope and mitigate the environmental and economic effects of climate change.—Peter Gordon, Asian Review of Books

A sobering assessment of the impact of climate change on Russia’s standing as a great power from one of the most acute observers of environmental and energy issues. Highly recommended.—Francis Fukuyama, author of Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment

Facing increasing global pressure, Russian decision makers are being forced to think about the new reality of decarbonization. This book provides excellent insights into the story behind a resource-rich but climate-damaging economy, and explores a key question for the future: What alternative exports can Russia offer?—Tatiana Mitrova, Research Director of the Energy Center, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

The first full-length exploration of Russia as both a prime source and a victim of climate change. Anyone interested in environmental issues or in Russia’s future should read this data-rich and gracefully written book.—Timothy J. Colton, author of Yeltsin: A Life

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