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Earthquake Children

Building Resilience from the Ruins of Tokyo

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Earthquake Children is essential reading for historians of childhood and of disaster, but it has much to inform other histories as well. Women and men (and other adults somewhere in between) are not the only movers and shakers of scientific advances, technological innovations, and social change; generation and childhood contribute as well, and we should consider them much more often.—Sabine Frühstück, Contemporary Japan

Borland’s work is as intellectually rigorous as it is inspiring… This groundbreaking book explains how Japan came to be positioned at the forefront of disaster preparedness globally and highlights the role that children, schools, and education played in that dramatic transformation… I absolutely loved this book and have continued to think about it long after I finished reading the last page. It stands as an unforgettable reminder of how important it is to listen to what children have to say and to invest in their futures.—Lori Peek, International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters

An absorbing book… Narrates the vivid and emotional stories of how children experienced and made sense of the earthquake, how teachers and other adults interpreted the children’s experience, and the subsequent initiatives to develop disaster-preparedness in the public… Succeeds in illuminating the contemporary relevance of this historical study.—Kaori H. Okano, Journal of Japanese Studies

[Borland’s] research is thorough, her writing is often vivid, and the book is very well illustrated. Whether using her own words or those of Japan’s children, the author is able to convey a vivid sense of the horror of an event like the Great Kanto Earthquake and the difficulties faced by many survivors… Earthquake Children will appeal to anyone interested in social responses to earthquakes and other disasters in urban areas, to those interested in the history of children, and to anyone interested in the modern history of Tokyo.—Gregory Smits, Monumenta Nipponica

This fascinating and well-researched volume makes a clear case for the important roles played by children and those thinking about children in the aftermath of the Great Kantō Earthquake… This book will be a worthwhile addition to libraries and useful for scholars of disasters and childhood.—Alex Bates, Pacific Affairs

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