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Learning to Imagine

The Science of Discovering New Possibilities

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Publication Date: 11/14/2023

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Shtulman ably and incisively navigates this vast, fascinating terrain.Science

This remarkable book explores one of the most exciting topics in all of developmental psychology—the emergence of the imagination. Shtulman is a brilliant theoretician and scientist, and he tells the story of how children’s imaginative powers, surprisingly limited at first, gradually blossom through learning, reflection, and practice. Learning to Imagine is a delight to read, essential for anyone interested in this most extraordinary human capacity.—Paul Bloom, author of Psych: The Story of the Human Mind

Imagination is the superpower of the human mind, enabling us to simulate and consider alternatives and possibilities. We are often told that childhood is the fertile breeding ground for imagination, but this is a myth, as explained by Andrew Shtulman, the world’s leading expert on children’s imagination. In his new book, Shtulman once again demonstrates his flair for making child development fascinating, easily accessible, and a delight to read.—Bruce Hood, author of Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need

Shtulman illustrates, in vivid and compelling detail, common misunderstandings of imagination and its development. Building on hundreds of recent studies, he convincingly shows how a popular narrative about children as imaginative wizards is simply wrong. Imagination requires care and support over many years of childhood to become an enabling force behind innovation. This will be an immensely valuable and timely book for anyone interested in children’s minds, education, and the origins of creative thought.—Frank C. Keil, author of Wonder: Childhood and the Lifelong Love of Science

Shtulman masterfully weaves together a set of ideas and findings that en face might seem disparate, and in the process he turns common views of the imagination on their heads. An engaging and insightful volume by a brilliant scientist.—Angeline Stoll Lillard, author of Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

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