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The Blood of the Colony

Wine and the Rise and Fall of French Algeria

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ISBN 9780674248441

Publication Date: 01/12/2021

Academic Trade

336 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

25 photos, 2 maps, 1 table


  • Note on Place Names
  • Note on Metric Conversion
  • Introduction: The Empire of Wine in Algeria
    • Rise and Fall
    • People of the Vine
    • Wine and the Economic Life of Algeria
    • When Is a Colony Not a Colony?
  • 1. Roots: Antiquity to 1870
    • The Wine Frontier
    • Complementary Colonization
    • Settlement and the Wine Question
    • Searching for the Wealth of a Colony
  • 2. Phylloxera and the Making of the Algerian Vineyard: 1870 to 1907
    • Phylloxera and the “Seduction” of the Colonist
    • The Insurgent: Phylloxera in Algeria
    • Masters of the Land?
    • The Perils of the Market and the Honor of Algerian Wine
    • Getting Caught Up with Capital
  • 3. Companies and Cooperatives, Work and Wealth: 1907 to 1930
    • Phylloxera, War, and Reconstitution
    • War and the Horizon of Capital
    • The Cooperative Movement
    • Working in the Vines
    • Working for the Vines
    • Wealth and Influence
  • 4. Algeria and the Midi: The 1930s (I)
    • Competition versus Complementarity
    • Plantation Fever
    • Fixing Limits
    • Backfire and Backlash
    • Allies and Antagonists
    • The Tide Crests
  • 5. Labor Questions: The 1930s (II)
    • Toward “Welfare Viticulture”?
    • “Machines of Famine”: The First Wine Tankers
    • Politicizing the Agricultural Worker
    • Violence in the Vines
    • Mouths to Feed
  • 6. Wine in the Wars: 1940 to 1962
    • Vichy Algeria
    • “Liberated” Algeria
    • The Other Entre-Deux-Guerres
    • The Logic of Descartes
    • The Front Lines
    • The Hollowing
    • The Future and the End
  • 7. Pulling Up Roots: Since 1962
    • Self-Management
    • Breaking Dependence?
    • Wine Repatriated
    • Corsica, a New Algeria?
    • Algerian Wine at the Margins
  • Epilogue: The Geometry of Colonization
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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