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The New College Classroom

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Publication Date: 08/30/2022

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A practical guide to more effective and engaged college teaching, with an emphasis on how to promote active learning among college students.—Michael T. Nietzel, Forbes

Offers a wealth of examples of how to make lecture classes less listless and seminars less silent, while making students into more independent, creative and active learners… An ideal guide to innovative ways to facilitate and deepen student learning. Everyone who teaches (or hopes to teach) college, will find this book a provocative and stimulating source of ideas about how to make our classrooms more equitable, participatory and interactive.—Steven Mintz, Inside Higher Ed

A pedagogical treasure trove, Davidson and Katopodis’s new book illuminates exciting and inspiring ways we can build on these histories of activist teaching. It is required reading for educators who aspire to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors by teaching students not only to navigate the world, but to change it.—Danica Savonick, Public Books

In a book that is both inspirational and deeply practical, Davidson and Katopodis offer classroom instructors all the tools they need to transform traditional classrooms into learning environments that engage and empower twenty-first-century students. Grounded in cognitive science and classroom-tested examples from across the globe, The New College Classroom belongs in the hands of any educator—regardless of academic discipline—truly interested in changing students’ lives with effective teaching.—Beverly Daniel Tatum, author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race

Davidson and Katopodis promise the moon: to provide ways for instructors to help every student learn, while also reducing the burdens for both teachers and students. Spoiler alert: they deliver! Whatever your goals—equity, effectiveness, deep learning, even enjoyment—you will find clear, practical ideas about active, participatory, student-centered learning. There’s something for every teacher, however experienced, and in any field. Read this book!—Susan D. Blum, author of Ungrading

The New College Classroom is one of the first books to address the challenge of transforming post-secondary education. In a clear, comprehensive, and compelling manner, the authors show classrooms where active and engaged learning is happening and explain the teaching practices that make the difference. This book is a must-read for every teacher and administrator in higher education.—Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap

Bold, brilliant, and beautiful. Davidson and Katopodis challenge us to reimagine what happens in the classroom so that it becomes a capacious place of learning and engagement for both students and teachers. They offer theoretical insight, but more importantly they share strategies, ideas, and examples to help spark our own creativity. In the process, they provide us with a vision of possibility for the spaces, indeed the very worlds, we inhabit.—Farah Jasmine Griffin, author of Read Until You Understand

Free of jargon, respectful of the ever-increasing workload of the professoriate, and passionate about the transformative potential of higher education, this book should be read by every educator and administrator, from those brand new to teaching to those who have been at it for decades.—Jody Greene, Founding Director of the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning, University of California, Santa Cruz

The New College Classroom is a guidebook and a DIY manifesto for change in college teaching… This book can help any instructor striving for just and excellent teaching.Margaret Fuller Society

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