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Harvard University Center for the Environment, China Project 1

Energizing China

Reconciling Environmental Protection and Economic Growth

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737 pages

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61 line drawings, 7 maps, 78 tables

Harvard University Center for the Environment, China Project


  • Preface
  • Units of Measurement
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Chemical Compounds
  • Energy Conversion Table
  • Introduction and Overview [Chris P. Nielsen and Michael B. McElroy]
  • Energy and Emissions
    • Energy Supply and Development in China [Ni Weidou and Nien Dak Sze]
    • Strategic Options for Reducing CO2 in China: Improving Energy Efficiency and Using Alternatives to Fossil Fuels [Fang Dong, Debra Lew, Li Ping, Daniel M. Kammen, and Richard Wilson]
    • Living with Coal: Coal-Based Technology Options for China’s Electric Power Generating Sector [Fiona E. Murray and Peter P. Rogers]
    • Energy Use and Air-Pollution Impacts of China’s Transportation Growth [Xiannuan James Lin and Karen R. Polenske]
  • Environment and Public Health
    • Industrial Growth, Air Pollution, and Environmental Damage: Complex Challenges for China [Michael B. McElroy]
    • Air Pollution and Its Health Effects in Urban China [Xu Xiping]
    • Indoor Air Pollution from Residential Energy Use in China [Peng Ruicong, Wang Lihua, Wang Hong, He Kebin, and Xu Xiping]
  • Energy and the Economy
    • China’s Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions [Mun S. Ho, Dale W. Jorgenson, and Dwight H. Perkins]
    • Energy Economics in Building a Modern China [Li Jingwen]
  • The Domestic Context
    • Policymaking for Environmental Protection in China [Wang Hanchen and Liu Bingjiang]
    • Limits of the Law in Addressing China’s Environmental Dilemma [William P. Alford and Yuanyuan Shen]
    • The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Environmental Policy in China [Theodore Panayotou]
    • From Heaven-and-Earth to Nature: Chinese Concepts of the Environment and Their Influence on Policy Implementation [Robert P. Weller and Peter K. Bol]
  • International Dimensions
    • China and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [Abram Chayes and Charlotte J. Kim]
    • The Status and Trend of China’s Policies on Climate Change [Wu Baozhong, He Kebin, Fan Yuansheng, and Zhao Weijun]
    • China and International Environmental Institutions: A Decision Rule Analysis [Alastair Iain Johnston]
    • Yen for the Earth: Japan’s Pro-active China Environment Policy [Susan J. Pharr and Ming Wan]
    • Foreign Firms in The Chinese Power Sector: Economic and Environmental Impacts [Fiona E. Murray, Forest Reinhardt, and Richard Vietor]
  • Biographical Notes
  • Index

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