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Harvard Contemporary China Series 10

Engendering China

Women, Culture, and the State

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction [Christina K. Gilmartin, Gail Hershatter, Lisa Rofel, and Tyrene White]
  • I. Beyond Family, Household, and Kinship
    • 1. Learned Women in the Eighteenth Century [Susan Mann]
    • 2. From Daughter to Daughter-in-Law in the Women’s Script of Southern Hunan [Cathy Silber]
    • 3. Out of the Traditional Halls of Academe: Exploring New Avenues for Research on Women [Chen Yiyun, translated by S. Katherine Campbell]
    • 4. China’s Modernization and Changes in the Social Status of Rural Women [Gao Xiaoxian, translated by S. Katherine Campbell]
  • II. Sex and the Social Order
    • 5. Desire, Danger, and the Body: Stories of Women’s Virtue in Late Ming China [Katherine Carlitz]
    • 6. Rethinking Van Gulik: Sexuality and Reproduction in Traditional Chinese Medicine [Charlotte Furth]
    • 7. Modernizing Sex, Sexing Modernity: Prostitution in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai [Gail Hershatter]
    • 8. Male Suffering and Male Desire: The Politics of Reading Half of Man Is Woman by Zhang Xianliang [Zhong Xueping]
  • III. Where Liberation Lies
    • 9. Gender, Political Culture, and Women’s Mobilization in the Chinese Nationalist Revolution, 1924–1927 [Christina K. Gilmartin]
    • 10. Liberation Nostalgia and a Yearning for Modernity [Lisa Rofel]
    • 11. The Origins of China’s Birth Planning Policy [Tyrene White]
    • 12. Chinese Women Workers: The Delicate Balance between Protection and Equality [Margaret Y. K. Woo]
  • IV. Becoming Women in the Post-Mao Era
    • 13. Women’s Consciousness and Women’s Writing [Li Ziyun, translated by Zhu Hong]
    • 14. Women, Illness, and Hospitalization: Images of Women in Contemporary Chinese Fiction [Zhu Hong]
    • 15. Politics and Protocols of Funü: (Un)Making National Woman [Tani E. Barlow]
    • 16. Economic Reform and the Awakening of Chinese Women’s Collective Consciousness [Li Xiaojiang, translated by S. Katherine Campbell]
  • Notes
  • Contributors

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