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Rhythmical Continuity and Poetic Structure in Greek Lyric

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Publication Date: 06/24/1988


  • Abbreviations
  • Introductory Note: Basic Terms and Notation
  • Part I: Basic Forms of Epiploke and their Interrelation
    • 1. Colon, Metron, Epiploke
    • 2. Tetradic Rhythm (Iono-choriambic, Iambo-trochaic)
    • 3. Prosodiac and Heptadic Aeolic
    • 4. Octadic Aeolic
    • 5. Antispastic, Dochmiac, Bacchio-cretic
    • 6. Preliminary Conclusions
  • Part II: Epiploke in the History of Greek Verse
    • 7. The Beginnings (Alcman, Stesichorus, Sappho and Alcaeus)
    • 8. Late Archaic Lyric
    • 9. Aeschylus
    • 10. Sophocles and Early Euripides
    • 11. The Late Fifth Century and After
  • Appendices
    • I: Terminal -˘˘-˘- in Dactylic
    • II: Responsion in Bacchylides 17
    • III: Aeolic in Simonides, Pindar and Bacchylides
    • IV: The “lambepos”
    • V: Disjunct Composition in Post-Aeschylean Choral Lyric
    • VI: “Major Ionic” -x-˘ and --˘˘ in Drama
    • VII: POxy 2687
    • VIII: Irrational Longs in Dramatic Lyric
  • Tables
    • I: Hellenistic Ionic (Minor)
    • II: Hellenistic Ionic (Major)
    • III: The Demarcations |x-˘-_˘˘- and |-˘-_˘˘-
    • IV: Iono-choriambic in Combination with Prosodiac
    • V: Heptadic Aeolic
    • VI: ˘˘-˘˘-˘-(x) and Longer Variants
    • VII: “Dochmelegi,” “Sesquiambi,” and Related Forms
    • VIII: Lesbian Aeolic
    • IX: Derivation of Greek Verse Forms
    • X: Possible Instances of Irrational Long in Greek Lyric

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