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Epistemology and Cognition

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The scope of the book is enormous… Well-written and remarkably clear in exposition, Goldman’s book gives an overview of the state of the art in both epistemology and cognitive science at the same time that it presents an important, original position.Choice

Alvin Goldman’s book, Epistemology and Cognition, is a major work. It defines the subject of epistemology in a new and highly plausible way which makes the results of research in psychology and artificial intelligence extremely relevant to philosophical epistemology. In addition it offers a wealth of descriptions of this research and examples of ways in which it is relevant. This is a book that all philosophers should read.—Gilbert Harman

Goldman is one of our leading epistemologists, known for his subtle and eloquent defense of the past decade’s reigning epistemology, reliabilism. He is the source of many of the rich concepts and distinctions that have set the terms of current discussion and furnished epistemology with its current high degree of rigor and sophistication. Epistemology and Cognition is his masterwork, expounding all his fundamental ideas.—William G. Lycan

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