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Equality in America

The View from the Top

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Publication Date: 01/01/1985


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Sidney Verba and Gary Orren explore the views of leaders of ten groups—business, farm, organized labor, intellectuals, Republicans, Democrats, blacks, feminists, media, and youth… [They] demonstrate that in America there is a stronger commitment to political equality than in any other developed nation. At the same time, Americans hold views and adopt policies that produce one of the lowest levels of economic equality.—Thomas B. Edsall, The New Republic

This lucid, jargon-free analysis of one of the basic governing ideals underlying our political life is a must.Choice

To understand how Americans view equality and the various policy issues that are associated with it is central to an understanding of the Reagan era. As of now, no one can discuss the topic unless he has absorbed the lessons of Equality in America. It is must reading.—Seymour Martin Lipset, Caroline Munro Professor of Political Science and Sociology, Stanford University

Sidney Verba and Gary Orren have illuminated, as few others could, the practical search for equality. Do we believe America is fair? Yes, but we believe in equalities of various and often contradictory kinds. Do we behave in light of what we believe? Yes, but what is equal for some may be a form of disentitlement for others. As no work of our time, this defines the subject and puts the questions.—Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Awards & Accolades

  • 2002 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, Uppsala University
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