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The Lives of Latin Texts

Papers Presented to Richard J. Tarrant

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ISBN 9780674260481

Publication Date: 08/10/2021


204 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

10 photos, 6 illus.

Harvard University Department of the Classics > Loeb Classical Monographs


  • Editors’ Preface [Lauren Curtis and Irene Peirano Garrison]
  • Richard Tarrant: Scholar, Teacher, and Colleague [Kathleen M. Coleman]
  • Publications by R. J. Tarrant
  • I. Editing
    • Editing Ancient Handwriting [Rebecca R. Benefiel]
    • Christian Gottlob Heyne as a Virgilian Textual Critic [Gian Biagio Conte]
    • On (Authorial and Other) Parentheses in Caesar’s Commentarii [Cynthia Damon]
    • Interpolation Hunting in Senecan Tragedy, Ovid, and Horace [S. J. Heyworth]
    • IVPPITER IMPERATOR? [Michael Reeve]
  • II. Seneca, Ovid, and Other Incursions in Latin Literature
    • Reading Ceyx and Alcyone in the Medieval School Tradition on Ovid [Frank T. Coulson]
    • It’s the Animae, Stupid: Seneca’s Ovidian Afterlives [James Ker]
    • Martial’s Retirement and Other Epicurean Postures in Book 10 [Alison Keith]
    • Est Enim Difficilis Curarum Rerum Alienarum: Terence and His Contemporary Adulescentes [Jeanne Neumann]
    • Pauca meo Stellae: Life Choice and Genre in Statius Silvae 1.2 [Gianpiero Rosati]
    • Ax of Love: Clytemnestra’s Motivation for Murder in Seneca’s Agamemnon [Gareth D. Williams]
  • III. Music
    • Augustan Poetry and the Age of Rust: Music and Metaphor in Anaïs Mitchell’s Hadestown [Thomas E. Jenkins]
    • Roman Civil War in Verdi’s Trovatore [Michèle Lowrie]
    • Bob Dylan and the Art of the Citharode [Richard F. Thomas]
  • List of Contributors

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