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The Guests of Ants

How Myrmecophiles Interact with Their Hosts

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$69.95 • £59.95 • €63.00

ISBN 9780674265516

Publication Date: 07/19/2022


576 pages

8 x 9-1/4 inches

205 color photos, 16 color illus.

Belknap Press


This beautiful book is a true classic of biology and destined to be a standard work on the subject of symbiosis for many years to come.—Edward O. Wilson, author of Sociobiology

A marvelous tour of the wonderland of ants and the non-ant ‘guests’ that live with them. Bert Hölldobler and Christina Kwapich have combined fascinating science and first-rate scholarship to share what myrmecologists have learned about a rarely seen part of the natural world.—Thomas D. Seeley, author of The Lives of Bees

Prepare to be astounded, surprised, and charmed time and time again. This book is destined to become the authoritative work on ants and their guests for decades to come.—Walter R. Tschinkel, author of Ant Architecture

A deeply inspiring and masterful account of how myrmecophiles interact with their hosts, trick them by breaking their communication codes, and make their living inside the ant colonies. Lavishly illustrated, this book is a thorough and fascinating study.—Rüdiger Wehner, Professor and Director Emeritus, Institute of Zoology, University of Zürich

Hölldobler and Kwapich have masterfully marshalled a vast literature on the evolution and behavioral ecology of ants and their many associates. This book will have wide appeal to ecologists and evolutionary biologists, as well as anyone interested in the natural history of social insects and their friends and foes.—Naomi E. Pierce, Hessel Professor of Biology and Curator of Lepidoptera, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

A spellbinding journey to the exotic world of ants and their ‘guests.’ By far the most comprehensive treatment of this fascinating subject, this book is a delight.—Daniel Kronauer, author of Army Ants

Superbly illustrated and written with enthusiasm and delight, The Guests of Ants is unparalleled. This book provides first-class, fascinating coverage on the behavioral biology and mechanisms enabling myrmecophiles to coexist with, and frequently exploit, the ant superorganism.—Paulo S. Oliveira, coauthor of The Ecology and Evolution of Ant–Plant Interactions

This magnificent book takes the reader into a striking world largely unknown, even to most biologists. Comprised of lively, informative writing spiced with fascinating illustrations, The Guests of Ants highlights some of the most bizarre and unbelievable organisms on earth. I would have loved to have had such a book when I started my own research years ago.—Konrad Fiedler, University of Vienna, Austria

An outstanding celebration of natural history as modern science. World-renowned scientist Bert Hölldobler and entomologist Christina Kwapich present a treasure trove of information about the ant nest microcosm, complete with spectacular photos of members on the colony’s guest list, including butterflies, worms, fungi, and more.—Raghavendra Gadagkar, author of The Social Biology of Ropalidia marginata

This book provides a captivating, excellently illustrated overview of the complex interactions among ants and the many organisms who live inside their nests. A must-read for everyone who enjoys nature and the fascinating world of social insects.—Jürgen Heinze, University of Regensburg

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