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Essays in Philosophy

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The Works of William James


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  • Foreword
  • Introduction by John J. McDermott
  • Essays in Philosophy
    • The Teaching of Philosophy in Our Colleges
    • Remarks on Spencer’s Definition of Mind as Correspondence
    • Quelques Considérations sur la méthode subjective
    • The Sentiment of Rationality
    • Mr. Bradley on Immediate Resemblance
    • Immediate Resemblance
    • The Knowing of Things Together
    • Preface to Paulsen’s Introduction to Philosophy
    • “Pragmation”: from Baldwin’s Dictionary
    • “Experience”: from Baldwin’s Dictionary
    • Herbett Spencer Dead
    • The Chicago School
    • Herbett Spencer
    • The Pragmatic Method
    • Preface to Höffding’s Problems of Philosophy
    • G. Papini and The Pragmatist Movement in Italy
    • The Mad Absolute
    • Bradley or Bergson?
    • A Suggestion about Mysticism
    • A Great French Philosopher at Harvard
    • A Pluralistic Mystic
  • Notes
  • A Note on the Editorial Method
  • The Text of Essays in Philosophy
  • Apparatus
    • Emendations
    • Textual Notes
    • Historical Collation
    • Alterations in the Manuscripts
    • Word-Division
  • Appendixes
    • 1. Translation of “Quelques Considérations”
    • 2. Notes for “The Sentiment of Rationality”
    • 3. Abstract of “The Knowing of Things Together”
    • 4. Notes for a Report on the Chicago School
    • 5. Notes for MS1, and MS1 of “A Pluralistic Mystic”
    • 6. Alterations in the Notes
  • General Index

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