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The China Questions 2

Critical Insights into US-China Relations

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Publication Date: 08/30/2022

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464 pages

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  • Introduction [Maria Adele Carrai, Jennifer Rudolph, and Michael Szonyi]
  • I. Contextualizing China–US Relations
    • 1. US–China Relations: How Did We Get Here, Where Can We Go? [John Pomfret]
    • 2. Is Engagement Still the Best US Policy for China? [Elizabeth Economy]
    • 3. Why Is China America’s Favorite Threat? [Chengxin Pan]
    • 4. How Does China See America? [Xiaoyu Pu]
    • 5. How Is US Policy toward China Made? [Ryan Hass]
    • 6. Who Gets into the Chinese Communist Party, and Who Rises up the Ranks? [Victor Shih]
  • II. Global Order
    • 7. Will the World Make Room for China in the New Global Order? [Susan A. Thornton]
    • 8. Is China Trying to Undermine the Liberal International Order? [Alastair Iain Johnston]
    • 9. Is China Changing the International Humanitarian Intervention Regime? [Courtney J. Fung]
    • 10. Has China’s Economic Success Proven That Autocracy Is Superior to Democracy? [Yuen Yuen Ang]
  • III. China in the World
    • 11. What Are the Implications for the United States as China Reshapes Its Overseas Image? [Naima Green-Riley]
    • 12. How Can the United States Live with China’s Belt and Road Initiative? [Min Ye]
    • 13. What Does China’s Increased Influence in Latin America Mean for the United States? [Oliver Stuenkel]
    • 14. Does the Rise of China Threaten the Transatlantic Partnership? [Philippe Le Corre]
    • 15. Is China Competing with the United States in Africa? [Maria Repnikova]
    • 16. Should Western Nations Worry about the China–Russia Relationship? [Lyle Goldstein]
  • IV. Security
    • 17. How Will China’s National Power Evolve vis-à-vis the United States? [Andrew S. Erickson]
    • 18. How Does China Think about National Security? [Sheena Chestnut Greitens]
    • 19. Is China a Challenge to US National Security? [Oriana Skylar Mastro]
    • 20. How Will Emerging Technologies and Capabilities Impact Future US–China Military Competition? [Elsa B. Kania]
  • V. Flashpoints
    • 21. Where Do Divergent US and Chinese Approaches to Dealing with North Korea Lead? [John Park]
    • 22. How Does Taiwan Affect US–PRC Relations? [Shelley Rigger]
    • 23. Why Should Americans Care about Hong Kong? [Denise Y. Ho and Jeffrey Wasserstrom]
    • 24. What Should Americans Know about Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang, and What Are US National Interests There? [James A. Millward]
    • 25. Why Did China Build and Militarize Islands in the South China Sea, and Should the United States Care? [Bonnie S. Glaser]
  • VI. Economics
    • 26. Who Wins and Who Loses in the US–China Trade War? [Yukon Huang]
    • 27. How Does Party-State Capitalism in China Interact with Global Capitalism? [Margaret M. Pearson, Meg Rithmire, and Kellee S. Tsai]
    • 28. Will the Renminbi Rival the Dollar? [Eswar Prasad]
    • 29. How Can the United States Protect Its Intellectual Property from China’s Espionage? [Margaret K. Lewis]
    • 30. Is China Catching Up with the West? Or, Why Should We Care about China’s Middle Class? [Terry Sicular]
  • VII. Public Health, Science, Technology
    • 31. Is US–China Climate Action Possible in an Era of Mistrust? [Alex Wang]
    • 32. What Can the United States Learn from China about Infrastructure? [Selina Ho]
    • 33. What Is at Stake in the US–China Technological Relationship? [Graham Webster]
    • 34. Has China Positioned Itself as a Leader in Big Tech Regulations? [Winston Ma]
    • 35. What Does It Mean That China Is the First Country to Land on the Dark Side of the Moon? [Carla P. Freeman]
    • 36. Is US–China Global Health Collaboration Win–Win? [Winnie Yip and William Hsiao]
  • VIII. Society
    • 37. What’s #MeToo in China All About? [Leta Hong Fincher]
    • 38. Why Should the United States Support Civil Society in China and How? [Diana Fu]
    • 39. Do Confucius Institutes Belong on American Campuses? [Mary Gallagher]
    • 40. Should American Universities Engage with China? [Mark Elliott and Dan Murphy]
  • IX. Culture
    • 41. Why Is Chinese Popular Culture Not So Popular Outside of China? [Stanley Rosen]
    • 42. What Can Western Audiences Learn about China from Its Twenty-First-Century Writers? [Xudong Zhang]
    • 43. How Does the Rising Chinese Market Reshape Global Art? [Noah Kupferman]
    • 44. Does Religion Matter in Bilateral Relations? [Ian Johnson]
    • 45. Does Race Matter in US–China Relations? [Keisha Brown]
    • 46. How Does the Past Serve the Present in Today’s China? [Wang Gungwu]
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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