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Evolution and the Diversity of Life

Selected Essays

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ISBN 9780674271050

Publication Date: 03/25/1997


736 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

15 line illustrations, 21 tables, 5 maps

Belknap Press


  • General Introduction
  • I. Evolution
    • Introduction: Darwin Vindicated
    • Basic Concepts of Evolutionary Biology
    • The Evolution of Living Systems
    • Typological versus Population Thinking
    • Accident or Design: The Paradox of Evolution
    • Selection and Directional Evolution
    • Population Size and Evolutionary Parameters
    • From Molecules to Organic Diversity
    • Sexual Selection and Natural Selection
    • The Emergence of Evolutionary Novelties
  • II. Speciation
    • Introduction
    • Darwin and Isolation
    • Darwin, Wallace, and the Origin of Isolating Mechanisms
    • Karl Jordan on Speciation
    • Sympatric Speciation
    • Bird Speciation in the Tropics
    • Change of Environment and Speciation
    • Geographical Character Gradients and Climatic Adaptation
  • III. History of Biology
    • Introduction
    • Lamarck Revisited
    • Agassiz, Darwin, and Evolution
    • The Nature of the Darwinian Revolution
    • Karl Jordan on the Theory of Systematics and Evolution
    • Where Are We?
    • The Recent Historiography of Genetics
  • IV. Philosophy of Biology
    • Introduction
    • Cause and Effect in Biology
    • Explanatory Models in Biology
    • Theory Formation in Developmental Biology
    • Teleological and Teleonomic: A New Analysis
  • V. Theory of Systematics
    • Introduction
    • The Challenge of Diversity
    • The Role of Systematics in Biology
    • Theory of Biological Classification
    • Cladistic Analysis or Cladistic Classification
  • VI. The Species
    • Introduction
    • Toward a Modern Species Definition
    • Karl Jordan and the Biological Species Concept
    • Species Concepts and Definitions
    • Sibling or Cryptic Species among Animals
    • The Biological Meaning of species
  • VII. Man
    • Introduction
    • Taxonomic Categories in Fossil Hominids
  • VIII. Biogeography
    • Introduction
    • What Is a Fauna?
    • History of the North American Bird Fauna
    • Inferences Concerning the Tertiary North American Bird Faunas
    • The Origin and History of the Polynesian Bird Fauna
    • Land Bridges and Dispersal Facilities
    • Wallace’s Line in the Light of Recent Zoogeographic Studies
    • Fragments of a Papuan Ornithogeography
    • The Ornithogeography of the Hawaiian Islands
    • The Nature of Colonization of Birds
  • IX. Behavior
    • Introduction
    • Behavior and Systematics
    • Behavior Programs and Evolutionary Strategies
  • Index

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