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Harvard East Asian Monographs 117

The Evolution of Labor Relations in Japan

Heavy Industry, 1853–1955

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Publication Date: 04/15/1988


  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • Introduction
  • I. Workers and Managers in the Industrial Revolution
    • 1. Organizing Industrial Workers
      • New Workers, Old Customs
      • Meiji Working-Class Society
      • Meiji Labor Relations: The Dilemma of Indirect Control
      • The Labor Movement and the Working Class
    • 2. Paternalism and Direct Management
      • Motives for Change
      • New Departures: Shibaura and Elsewhere
      • The Labor Response
    • 3. Failure of the First Attempt: 1917–1921
      • The Labor-Force Problem: Discipline, Turnover, and Wages
      • The Working-Class Challenge
  • II. Workers, Managers, and the Interwar Employment System
    • 4. Travelers’ End? Hiring and Long-Term Employment
      • Getting Started
      • Staying Put: Job Security and the Labor Movement
      • The Return of Good Times
    • 5. The Wage Tangle
      • Figuring Wages: Output, Skill, Seniority
      • Wages and the Labor Movement
      • Status and Security: The Meaning of Non-Wage Benefits
    • 6. The Enterprise Community: Companies, Unions, and the Working Class
      • The Government Role
      • Companies and Unions
      • Atmosphere and Attitudes
      • The Working Class, 1921–1932
  • III. The Government and Wartime Labor Relations
    • 7. Permanent Jobs and Regulated Wages
      • Toward the Bureaucratic Initiative
      • Permanent Jobs and Persistency of Employment
      • The Regulated Wage
    • 8. Sanpō: Labor Organization without Unions
      • The Sanpō Organization in the Workplace
      • Status, Morale, and Sanpō
  • IV. The Postwar Settlement
    • 9. Japanese Labor Relations: The Worker Version
      • Remaking the Enterprise Community
      • Beyond the Seniority Wage: Unions and Wages
      • Demanding Permanent Jobs: The Impossible Dream
    • 10. The Management Revision
      • Retaking Control
      • The Wage Settlement
      • The Job Settlement
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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