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Getting to Diversity

What Works and What Doesn’t

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Publication Date: 09/13/2022


272 pages

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This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn which practices can actually improve managerial diversity in organizations.—Edward H. Chang, Science

A book that is tailored for anyone who is craving actionable, evidence-based advice about how to create effective programs.—Elizabeth Weingarten, Behavioral Scientist

The great strength of the book is its consequentialist orientation: diversity programs are evaluated solely on the basis of their impact on gender and racial inequalities in organizations, looking away from intentions and discourses… Rich and stimulating.—Laure Bereni, La Vie des Idées

Drawing on more than 30 years of data from 800 companies as well as in-depth interviews with managers, two leading management experts set out to explain why, despite increasing diversity in American society, change in makeup of the management rank has stalled, and how to do things better.Human Givens Journal

Too many companies don’t know how to walk the walk of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Getting to Diversity shows them how. It relies on hard data and real-life examples about what works and what doesn’t, laying out a case for making real change in a thorough, well-written, no-fluff account. Figures showing effects of diversity programs are absolutely riveting. Bravo.—Lori George Billingsley, former Global Chief DEI Officer, Coca-Cola Company

Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev upended the conventional wisdom of diversity and inclusion practitioners with their seminal article ‘Why Diversity Programs Fail.’ Now they’re back with a data-driven book about one of corporate America’s most pressing contemporary issues, offering up required reading that is certain to shift the paradigm once again.—Ben-Saba Hasan, Global Chief Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Walmart Inc.

Most companies say they want to advance diversity and equity, but they resort to using the same old unsuccessful strategies. In many cases, this is undoubtedly because leaders are uncertain about which approaches really work. Fortunately, Dobbin and Kalev have written an accessible, engaging book that documents which initiatives actually help organizations better reflect the diverse society in which we live—so if you don’t know, now you know! This is the book all leaders need to read to achieve results.—Adia Wingfield, author of Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy

Getting to Diversity makes good on the promise of its title. Years of research by Dobbin and Kalev have yielded concrete answers to questions about what is needed to achieve diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforces. Among the critical solutions they offer are ways to end sexual harassment and to democratize leadership opportunities—both keys to systemic, lasting, positive reform. At last a book that shows leaders how they can realize change.—Anita Hill, University Professor, Brandeis University, and author of Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence

Getting to Diversity is a compelling, evidence-based book grounded in well-crafted multi-organizational research and the reality of people’s experiences at work. This book has the potential to change CEO mindsets, human resource practices, manager behavior, and employee well-being—if only enough people grab it and heed its powerful messages.—Rosabeth Moss Kanter, author of Think Outside the Building

These influential sociologists have spent their careers studying why diversity initiatives fail and what it takes to fix them. Their data-driven book doesn’t just spotlight the problems—it’s packed with solutions.—Adam Grant, Adam Grant Thinks Again newsletter

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