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I Tatti Research Series 3

Sacrifice and Conversion in the Early Modern Atlantic World

Edited by Maria Berbara

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378 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction [Maria Berbara]
  • I. Sacrifice in the Americas: Concept, Ritual, Transformation
    • Sacrifice in Pre-Columbian and Colonial America: “Because the worshipping of abominable idols is the cause and the beginning of all evil” [Thomas Cummins]
    • Old World Christian Ritual and Sacrifice in the New World: Symbolization Processes in Sixteenth-Century Central Mexico [Emilie Carreón Blaine]
    • Aztec Excess, Blood, the Heart and the Head [Patrick Thomas Hajovsky]
  • II. The Materiality of Sacrifice
    • Sacrifice and Sacrament: Eucharistic Substances and Traditions in the New World [Anselm Schubert]
    • Edible Gods and the Anthropology of Sacrifice [Byron Ellsworth Hamann]
  • III. Conversion and the Representation of Otherness
    • Map of Revelation: Sacrifice and Conversion in the Planisphere of Juan de la Cosa [Paolo Vignolo]
    • “Porque a semelhança é causa de amor”: Music and Conversion in the New World [Philippe Canguilhem]
    • Conversion as a Complex of Theories and Images between the Mediterranean and the Portuguese Atlantic [Jens Baumgarten]
    • Disgust and the Sacred Image in Early Modernity [Adam Jasienski]
  • IV. Images Transcending Genres: Sacrifice between Martyrdom and Heroism
    • St. Sebastian in Iberoamerica: Transcultural Negotiation on Body Images and Concepts of Sacrifice in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries [Margit Kern]
    • Catholic and Protestant Martyrdoms in Times of War: Antarctic France as a Multivalent Visual Repertoire [Maria Berbara]
    • Prints Crossing Genres: Sixteenth-Century Iconographies of Old World Martyrdom and New World Sacrifice [Carmen Fernández-Salvador]
    • Narratives of Sacrifice in the Nuevo Reino de Granada: Doubting Sugamuxi and Muisca Conversion in a Colonial Context [Patricia Zalamea]
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