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The Joy of Consent

A Philosophy of Good Sex

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$27.95 • £24.95 • €25.95

ISBN 9780674279131

Publication Date: 10/03/2023


272 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

Belknap Press


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From the bedroom to the classroom to the courtroom, ‘consent’ is a key term in our contemporary sexual ethics. In this timely reexamination, Manon Garcia deftly reveals the hidden complexities of consent and proposes how to reconceptualize it as a tool of liberation.—Amia Srinivasan, author of The Right to Sex

A brilliant interrogation of the complexities of consent. Manon Garcia shows us that consent can be liberating—for reasons we might not have expected—in enabling good, joyful sex. A must-read.—Kate Manne, author of Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women

Not since Catharine MacKinnon has a thinker so lucidly and compellingly challenged the way we think about women’s sexual oppression. Manon Garcia spells out for us what we already should have known: that our current understanding of consent is not doing the work that we need it to do and that we have the power to ameliorate it. This book is no less than a blueprint for a new feminist revolution.—Nancy Bauer, author of How to Do Things with Pornography

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