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Individualism and Nationalism in American Ideology

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Publication Date: 01/01/1964

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  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
    • I. Introduction
      • 1. History and Ideology
      • 2. Types of Ideological Orientation
      • 3. Citizenship and Nationalism
  • Part One: Ideology and American Nationalism
    • II. Ideology and the American Way of Life
      • 1. The Impact of Ideology on American History
      • 2. The American Ideology: The Problem Stated
      • 3. The Structure of the American Ideology: A Preliminary Answer
    • III. National Unity: The American Interpretation
      • 1. “A More Perfect Union”
      • 2. “We the People of the United States”
      • 3. The New World
      • 4. Benjamin Franklin, the “First American”
    • IV. The First National Creed: American Whiggism
      • 1. “The Freest Principles of the English Constitution”
      • 2. The Rise of American Patriotism
    • V. The American, the New Man: The Image of a New Nation
      • 1. The Promise of American Life
      • 2. “The Foundations Are Laid: The Nation Is Born”
    • VI. “Natural Society”—The Evolution of a Social Ideal
      • 1. State and Society
      • 2. “Natural Society”—The Evolution of a Concept; Lord Shaftesbury
      • 3. Lord Bolingbroke
      • 4. Freedom and Determination in Society
      • 5. The Natural System of Liberty—Laissez Faire
    • VII. Free Society—The Formulation of the Jeffersonian Social Ideal
      • 1. Freedom and Social Justice
      • 2. National Isolation As a Duty to Humanity
      • 3. The Ideal of Self-Government
      • 4. The Social Structure of the Free Society
    • VIII. The Jeffersonian Ideal—Social and Political Democracy
      • 1. The Economic Policy of a Free Society
      • 2. Individuality and Sovereignty
  • Part Two: Individualism and the Free Society—The American Quest for Utopia
    • IX. A European Concept Crosses the Atlantic
      • 1. The Nature of the Democratic Consensus
      • 2. Individualism and Democracy
      • 3. Liberty and Individualism
      • 4. First Reactions to a New Concept
      • 5. Individualism As an American Character Trait—Michel Chevalie
      • 6. Free Trade and Individualism—Friedrich List
    • X. Individualism and Socialism: The Birth of Two New Concepts
      • 1. The Great Challenge: The Rise of Romantic Utopianism
      • 2. The Rise of Historicism
      • 3. Individualism As a Term Critical of Modernism
      • 4. The Liberal Defense of Individuality
      • 5. The Saint-Simonian Concept of Individualism
      • 6. Individuality Versus Individualism and Socialism
    • XI. Social Criticism in America
      • 1. Albert Brisbane
      • 2. Orestes A. Brownson
      • 3. William Henry Channing and Social Perfectionism
    • XII. Foundations of the American Ideal of Individualism
      • 1. Puritanism and the American Way of Life
      • 2. The Unitarian Impulse and the Rise of a Puritan Humanism
      • 3. On the Perfection of the Soul
      • 4. The Kingdom of God in America: A Religious and a Secularized Version
    • XIII. Utopian Individualism: Theory and Practice
      • 1. Emerson: “Individualism Has Never Been Tried”
      • 2. Individualism Turns Anarchism—Josiah Warren
    • XIV. The Great Debate on the Nature of the American Ideal
      • 1. The Southern Heresy—”Free Society” Under Attack
      • 2. Formative Forces in the Rise of a Radical Northern Nationalism
      • 3. “A New Birth of Freedom”—The Crystallization of a New Nationalism
    • XV. Epilogue
  • Notes
  • Index

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