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The Black Box of Biology

A History of the Molecular Revolution

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Publication Date: 06/09/2020


528 pages

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An important contribution to the big history of the molecular revolution and absolutely required reading for serious students of the huge impact it has had on biology.—Koen B. Tanghe, Journal of the History of Biology

Anyone with serious pretentions to understand what went on in the middle of the last century in the field of molecular biology—discovery of the double helix, genetic code, going on a few decades later to the sequencing of human genome, and the rise of evolutionary development, ‘evo-devo’—simply must read this book. It is comprehensive, well written (excellently translated by Matthew Cobb), and simply absorbing.—Michael Ruse, Quarterly Review of Biology

Michel Morange is our finest guide to the dramatic rise of molecular biology and its persistence in our lives through genetic engineering. Brilliant, clear, and nuanced, The Black Box of Biology will become a classic in the field.—Oren Harman, author of The Price of Altruism and Evolutions

Morange’s re-elaboration of his 1998 masterpiece, A History of Molecular Biology, is a gift. Compelling and masterful in its command of contemporary biology, history, and philosophy, The Black Box of Biology is a key reference for grasping the scope and roots of human interventions in the biological world.—Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter

An original and expansive analysis of the history of molecular biology, from its origins to the rise of genomics and epigenetics. Unparalleled in its scope and insight, The Black Box of Biology should be required reading for historians and biologists seeking to understand the molecular transformation of modern biology.—Michael Dietrich, University of Pittsburgh

Written by a historian of science trained in François Jacob’s laboratory, The Black Box of Biology weaves together the social, political, and scientific dimensions of the ‘molecular revolution’ into a compelling narrative and a fascinating read.—Pierre-Olivier Méthot, Laval University

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