Cover: Africa in the World: Capitalism, Empire, Nation-State, from Harvard University PressCover: Africa in the World in HARDCOVER

Africa in the World

Capitalism, Empire, Nation-State

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ISBN 9780674281394

Publication Date: 03/24/2014


144 pages

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In a gem of a book you can read either as world history or African history, you see a historian’s craft at its best: Cooper foregrounds the history of the continent to show how Africa has been entwined with global processes for centuries as he revisits old concerns with new insights, reminding us that contexts may shift but a scholar’s passionate regard for place and people does not.—Luise White, author of Speaking with Vampires: Rumor and History in Colonial Africa

Cooper’s focus on a deep understanding of the ‘pathways’ and ‘junctures’ by which history is made, at the time, is brought here to one of the largest questions in twentieth-century African history: how did the nation-state triumph as the political form for post-colonial life? He applies his range of historical skills, and his lifetime of erudition in the study of empires, to suggest answers which promise to provoke discussion, research, and interest among scholars and citizens for a long time to come.—Jane I. Guyer, Johns Hopkins University

In this brilliant and compelling book, Cooper reflects on both the possibilities and the constraints presented by Africa’s uneven insertion into global capitalism and imperial systems, demonstrating that the troubled nation-state was not the inevitable outcome of decolonization. Informed by a scholarship remarkable for both its breadth and depth, Africa in the World will be obligatory reading for specialists and non-specialists alike.—Megan Vaughan, author of Creating the Creole Island: Slavery in Eighteenth-Century Mauritius

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