Cover: Songs and Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks with Other Songs from Maine, from Harvard University PressCover: Songs and Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks with Other Songs from Maine in E-DITION

Songs and Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks with Other Songs from Maine

Edited by Roland Palmer Gray

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$65.00 • £54.95 • €60.00

ISBN 9780674282360

Publication Date: 01/01/1924

191 pages


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  • Introduction
  • Songs of the Lumberjacks
    • The Jam at Gerry’s Rock
    • The Alphabet Song (Lumberman’s Alphabet)
    • Drinking Song
    • The Logger’s Boast
    • The West Branch Song
    • Guy Read
    • John Fergusson’s Crew
    • Sandy Stream Song
    • Canaday I-O (The Jolly Lumbermen)
    • The Jolly Lumbermen
    • Johnny Holmes
    • The Boys of the Island
    • The Lumberman’s Life (A Shantyman’s Life)
    • The Lumberman in Town
    • Mell Whitten
    • Peter Ambelay
    • The Days in Old Penobscot Stream
  • Old Ballads and Other Pieces
    • The Twa Sisters
    • Strawberry Lane (The Elfin Knight)
    • Andrew Martine
    • Mary Aclon
    • Contents
    • In Blithe and Bonnie Fair Scotland (The Paisley Officer)
    • Lowlands Low
    • The Prentice Boy’s Love for Mary (The Sheffield Apprentice)
    • Fair Charlotte
    • The Zebra Dunn
    • The Dying Hobo
    • Poor Old Horse
    • Irish Song
    • The Dark-Eyed Sailor (Fair Phoebe and her Dark-Eyed Sailor)
    • The Jacket So Blue
    • Far, Far at Sea
    • The Flying Cloud
  • Historical Ballads and Songs
    • Lovewell’s Fight, I
    • Lovewell’s Fight, II
    • Beside the Kennebec
    • The Squatters of Maine
    • The Constitution and the Guerriere, by L. M. Sargent
    • Enterprise and Boxer
    • You Parliament of England
    • The Aroostook War
    • The Soldiers’ Song
    • Maine Battle Song
    • The Cumberland Crew
    • Bay Billy, by F. H. Gassaway
  • Maine Broadsides
    • When the Taters Are All Dug
    • The Bangor Fire
    • President Wilson
    • Bar Harbor by the Sea
    • Mount Hope Chapel
    • Cathedral of Rheims

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