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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 137

Literary History in and beyond China

Reading Text and World

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Related Subjects

  • List of Tables
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chronology of Chinese Dynasties
  • Thinking through Literary History: An Introduction [Xiaofei Tian]
  • 1. Search and Intent: Early Chinese Literature for Now [David Schaberg]
  • 2. Ghost Poetry as a Problem for Literary History [Jack W. Chen]
  • 3. Northern Halls and Western Gardens: Literary History by Topic [Christopher M. B. Nugent]
  • 4. The Creation of a Genre: The Long, Slow Rise of Tang “Chuanqi” [Sarah M. Allen]
  • 5. The Case for Outsiders [Tina Lu]
  • 6. Theoretical Reflections on Literary History and Middle Period Chinese Poetry [Michael A. Fuller]
  • 7. Poetic Omens and Poetic History [Lucas Rambo Bender]
  • 8. Tuning Literary Histories to World Time [Wiebke Denecke]
  • 9. When Literary Relations End—and Begin Again [Jing Tsu]
  • Works Cited
  • List of Contributors
  • Index of Personal Names and Titles of Works

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