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The Legacy of Slavery at Harvard

Report and Recommendations of the Presidential Committee

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  • Preface [Lawrence S. Bacow, President, Harvard University, June 2022]
  • Members of the Presidential Committee on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery
  • 1. Introduction
    • A Community Reckoning with Slavery and Its Legacies
    • Slavery in the North
    • Slavery and Its Legacies before and after the Civil War
      • Slavery and Antislavery before the Civil War
      • Intellectual Leadership
      • Vestiges of Slavery after the Civil War
    • A Legacy of African American Resistance
    • Summary of the Report’s Key Findings
  • 2. Slavery in New England and at Harvard
    • Indigenous Slavery and African Slavery
    • Slavery at Harvard
  • 3. The Slavery Economy and Harvard
    • New England and Caribbean Slavery
    • Harvard Affiliates, Slavery, and the Slave Trade in the Colonial Era
        • Isaac Royall Jr.
        • Samuel Winthrop
    • Harvard Affiliates, Slavery, and the Slave Trade into the Nineteenth Century
        • The Perkins Brothers: James, Thomas Handasyd, and Samuel Gardner
        • Israel Thorndike
      • Trade in Slave-Produced Goods
        • John McLean
        • Benjamin Bussey
        • Edwin F. Atkins
      • Southern Slavery and Northern Textile Manufacturing
        • Abbott Lawrence
        • James Greenleaf
  • 4. Harvard, Slavery, and Its Legacies before and after the Civil War
    • Context: A Nation Torn by Slavery and a Rising University
    • Harvard and Abolitionism
      • Harvard Affiliates and Abolitionist Organizations in Massachusetts
      • Joshua Bowen Smith: Black Abolitionist on Campus
      • Charles Follen, Henry Ware, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Abolitionist Faculty Members
      • John Gorham Palfrey: Abolitionist Dean
    • Legacies of Slavery in Scholarship: Race Science
        • Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. and Black Students at Harvard Medical School
      • Race Scientists: Louis Agassiz, John Collins Warren, and Jeffries Wyman
        • Agassiz’s Early Career and the Zealy Daguerreotypes
        • Wyman, Agassiz, and Sturmann
        • Global Collecting and the Brazil Expedition
      • Charles William Eliot: A Paradoxical Racial Legacy
      • Charles B. Davenport, William E. Castle, and the International Eugenics Movement
  • 5. Segregation, Marginalization, and Resistance at Harvard
    • Twentieth-Century Vestiges of Slavery
      • Abbott Lawrence Lowell and Discrimination in Admissions and Housing
      • Albert Bushnell Hart: A Complicated Mentor to W. E. B. Du Bois
    • Black Students at Harvard: A Legacy of Resistance
      • W. E. B. Du Bois
      • Ewart G. Guinier
    • African American Women at Radcliffe College
      • Eva Beatrice Dykes
      • Caroline Bond Day
    • Harvard, Radcliffe, and Racial Change
      • Harvard’s Role as a Champion of Racial Diversity in Higher Education
        • The Challenge of Belonging
  • 6. Conclusion and Recommendations to the President and Fellows of Harvard College
    • Recommendation 1: Engage and Support Descendant Communities by Leveraging Harvard’s Excellence in Education
    • Recommendation 2: Honor Enslaved People through Memorialization, Research, Curricula, and Knowledge Dissemination
    • Recommendation 3: Develop Enduring Partnerships with Black Colleges and Universities
    • Recommendation 4: Identify, Engage, and Support Direct Descendants
    • Recommendation 5: Honor, Engage, and Support Native Communities
    • Recommendation 6: Establish an Endowed Legacy of Slavery Fund to Support the University’s Reparative Efforts
    • Recommendation 7: Ensure Institutional Accountability
  • Appendix A. List of Human Beings Enslaved by Prominent Harvard Affiliates
    • Notes about Organization and Criteria for Inclusion
    • Table A.1. Enslaved by Presidents of Harvard
    • Table A.2. Enslaved by Harvard Fellows and Overseers
    • Table A.3. Enslaved by Harvard Faculty Members
    • Table A.4. Enslaved by Harvard Staff Members
    • Table A.5. Enslaved by Major Donors to Harvard
  • Appendix B. A Note on Process
    • Consultative Process
    • Research and Creative Projects
      • Student Research and Creative Project Grant Recipients
      • Faculty-led Research Projects
    • Student Researchers and Creative Partners
    • Public Programming
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments

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