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The Fate of Reason

German Philosophy from Kant to Fichte

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Kant, Hamann, and the Rise of the Sturm und Drang
    • A. Hamann’s Historical and Philosophical Significance
    • B. The London Conversion and Its Philosophical Consequences
    • C. The Summer of 1759: The Stirrings of the Sturm und Drang
    • D. The Sokratische Denkwürdigkeiten
    • E. Kant, Hamann, and the Optimism Controversy
    • F. The Kinderphysik Fiasco
    • G. Aesthetica in nuce and Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics
    • H. The “Metakritik”: Genesis, Contents, and Consequences
  • 2. Jacobi and the Pantheism Controversy
    • A. The Historical Significance of the Pantheism Controversy
    • B. The Rise of Spinozism in Germany, 1680–1786
    • C. The Dispute over Lessing’s Spinozism
    • D. The Philosophical Significance of the Controversy
    • E. Jacobi’s First Critique of Reason
    • F. Jacobi’s Second Critique of Reason
    • G. Jacobi’s Defense of Faith
  • 3. Mendelssohn and the Pantheism Controversy
    • A. Mendelssohn’s Place in the History of Philosophy
    • B. In Defense of Reason
    • C. Mendelssohn’s Nightmare, or, the Method of Orientation
    • D. The Critique of Spinozism and Purified Pantheism
    • E. Mendelssohn’s Covert Critique of Kant
  • 4. Kant, Jacobi, and Wizenmann in Battle
    • A. Thomas Wizenmann’s Resultate
    • B. Kant’s Contribution to the Pantheism Controversy
    • C. Wizenmann’s Reply to Kant
    • D. Jacobi’s Attack on Kant
  • 5. Herder’s Philosophy of Mind
    • A. Herder and the Eighteenth-Century Philosophy of Mind
    • B. Herder on the Origin of Language
    • C. Hamann and Herder’s Debate over the Origin of Language
    • D. Herder’s Genetic Method
    • E. The Principles of Herder’s Vitalism
    • F. Kant’s Quarrel with Herder
    • G. The Kant–Herder Controversy and the Origins of the Third Kritik
    • H. Herder and the Pantheism Controversy
  • 6. The Attack of the Lockeans
    • A. Popularphilosophie: A Sketch of a Movement
    • B. Highlights of the Lockean Campaign against Kant
    • C. The Garve Affair
    • D. Two Early Critics: C.G. Selle and D. Tiedemann
    • E. The Lockean Ringleader, J.C. Feder
    • F. Feder’s Circle: A.G. Tittel and A. Weishaupt
    • G. The Good Pastor Pistorius
  • 7. The Revenge of the Wolffians
    • A. Leitmotivs of the Wolffian Campaign
    • B. Revolution versus Reaction
    • C. The Wolffian Defense of Metaphysics
    • D. The Thorn in Kant’s Side, J.A. Ulrich
    • E. The Scrooge of Tübingen, J.F. Flatt
    • F. Platner’s Meta-Critical Skepticism
    • G. The Eberhard Controversy
    • H. The Consequences of the Wolfflan Campaign
  • 8. Reinhold’s Elementarphilosophie
    • A. Reinhold’s Historical Significance
    • B. Reinhold’s Early Quarrel with Kant
    • C. Reinhold’s Briefe and Conversion to the Critical Philosophy
    • D. The Path toward the Elementarphilosophie
    • E. Reinhold’s Critique of Kant and the Aims of the Elementarphilosophie
    • F. Reinhold’s Methodology
    • G. Reinhold’s Phenomenological Project
    • H. Reinhold’s Proposition of Consciousness and the New Theory of Representation
    • I. The Crisis of the Elementarphilosophie
  • 9. Schulze’s Skepticism
    • A. Schulze’s Historical Significance and Influence
    • B. Schulze’s Meta-Critical Skepticism
    • C. The Critique of Reinhold
    • D. The Meta-Critique of Kant
    • E. Strengths and Weaknesses of Schulze’s Skepticism
  • 10. Maimon’s Critical Philosophy
    • A. Maimon’s Historical Significance and the Question of the Unity of His Thought
    • B. Maimon’s Skepticism
    • C. The Idea of an Infinite Understanding
    • D. The Theory of Differentials
    • E. The New Theory of Space and Time
    • F. The Critical Middle Path
    • G. The Elimination of the Thing-in-Itself
    • H. Maimon’s Transcendental Logic
    • I. The Principle of Determinability
    • J. Maimon’s Controversy with Reinhold
    • K. Maimon versus Schulze
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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