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Favorites of Fortune

Technology, Growth, and Economic Development since the Industrial Revolution

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ISBN 9780674295216

Publication Date: 08/11/1998


576 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

11 line illustrations, 38 tables


  • Introduction: On Technology and Growth [David S. Landes]
  • I. Technology
    • The Conquest of High Mortality and Hunger in Europe and America: Timing and Mechanisms [Robert W. Fogel]
    • The Hero and the Herd in Technological History: Reflections on Thomas Edison and the Battle of the Systems [Paul A. David]
    • The “Docile” Body as an Economic-Industrial Growth Factor [Rudolf Braun]
    • The Choice of Technique: Entrepreneurial Decisions in the Nineteenth-Century European Cotton and Steel Industries [Wolfram Fischer]
    • The City and Technological Innovation [Paul Bairoch]
    • Dear Labor, Cheap Labor, and the Industrial Revolution [Joel Mokyr]
  • II. Entrepreneurialism
    • Entrepreneurship, Total Factor Productivity, and Economic Efficiency: Landes, Solow, and Farrell Thirty Years Later [Robert C. Allen]
    • The Huguenots and the English Financial Revolution [François Crouzet]
    • What Happened to the Theory of Economic Development? [William Lazonick]
    • Public Sector Entrepreneurship [Jonathan Hughes]
    • Employment Strategies and Production Structures in the Swiss Watchmaking Industry [François Jequier]
    • Entrepreneurs and Managers [Peter Temin]
  • III. Paths of Economic Growth
    • Did England’s Cities Grow Too Fast during the Industrial Revolution? [Jeffrey G. Williamson]
    • Technology and the Economic Theorist: Past, Present, and Future [W. W. Rostow]
    • Creating Competitive Capability: Innovation and Investment in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany from the 1870s to World War I [Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.]
    • Benefits and Costs of Late Development [Anne O. Krueger]
    • Prometheus Unbound and Developing Countries [Irma Adelman]
    • Marriage Bars: Discrimination against Married Women Workers from the 1920s to the 1950s [Claudia Goldin]
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